Why Should Codeigniter be the Preferred Choice of Web Developers?

Why Should Codeigniter be the Preferred Choice of Web Developers?
Several multiple-open source platforms are available that allow developers to create a website for free. Codeigniter, Laravel, Drupal, Zend, and others are popular PHP frameworks used worldwide. Advanced web development has provided immense opportunities for businesses and helped them grow. 

Out of these platforms, Codeigniter is a favorite and majorly used by the developers. It is a high-grade platform and allows a smooth website and application development. It is an application development framework for people who build websites using PHP. It helps the developers on creating a robust application in the PHP field. 

Let us delve deeper and read about its features and advantages offered to programmers. 

Codeigniter - An Excellent Framework for PHP Developers

It is based on the MVC development pattern and is often noted for its speed in comparison to other PHP frameworks. It is used in building dynamic websites with PHP. Codeigniter is a PHP framework specially built for PHP coders who need a simple toolkit to create featured applications. It is reliable, fast, and delivers better results. You can find several custom web applications built using this technology. 

It provides box libraries to connect to a database and perform several operations like uploading emails and sending files. Furthermore, it also shows errors and warnings throughout the application. It offers comprehensive advantages and offers logical structure to develop any dynamic website. If you are expecting a high-end website that provides information about your company and delivers everything that your customers want, you can rely on Codeigniter. 

Why You Should Trust Codeigniter for Web Development

Codeigniter offers a set of aspects to write code from scratch to build a web application. Here are some reasons why Codeigniter is the best framework to create an application. 

1. Error Handling

If you want to create a website that is flawless and should deliver outstanding functionality and design, then you should try Codeigniter. It provides a simple interface and helps in detecting and handling errors throughout the application. 

The errors in the code are displayed without any hassle. This can be the foremost reason why developers prefer Codeigniter when they want to develop a bug-free website. 

2. Extremely Secure

For those looking for an extremely secure platform, Codeigniter is an ideal choice. It provides enhanced security features to depict the reliability of the platform. The encryption and decryption feature of the platform makes it more reliable than any other platform. 

Several web developers prefer using Codeigniter for creating an e-comm website that contains payment getaway and requires security. 

3. Customization and Configuration

Codeigniter code files can be edited and customized easily. Thus, the developer can create an application that the customer demands. Also, the customization of any existing file is simple and doesn’t confuse beginners. 

According to experts, Codeigniter is the only framework that allows customizability and offers numerous options available in the market. 

4. Built-in Libraries

The major advantage of Codeigniter is in-built libraries. Furthermore, it also comes with varieties of helpers for cookies, directories, handling, and others. 

For instance, if you want something and didn’t find it in the existing features, then you can create libraries and packages. Also, you can create a REST API in Codeigniter. 

5. It has an Active Developer Community 

According to reports, more than 57000 users have registered themselves on the framework’s forum. The documentation of Codeigniter is ten times larger than any other network. The new graduates also look to the forum to solve their doubts and to learn something new. 

It is simple to set up and offers clear documentation to help PHP programmers to use Codeigniter for quality web applications. 

6. User-Friendly Interface 

With Codeigniter, one gets the ease to develop a website with the interface offered. Find the best Codeigniter development company that can offer multiple business needs. It offers the flexibility and enhanced UI from Codeigniter that makes it a preferred choice of web developers.  

7. The MVC Based System

The major reason why Codeigniter is the best choice is the fact that this platform is based on MVC and enhances the overall dependency of the platform. It also enables a test-driven development, meaning a developer can develop and test the modules according to requirements. 

Besides this, it also enhances the development procedure and offers easy integration with the Javascript frameworks. 

8. Easy and Quick Development

The business chooses to use Codeigniter because it offers immediate services that can’t be expected from other networks. Therefore, it is necessary to depend on a powerful network if you are expecting instant development services without any trouble. 

Furthermore, it requires less code in comparison to other platforms, which is an excellent thing for the ones who are expecting maximum functionality with minimal code. 

9. Test-Driven Development and Better SEO

It ensures that the developer can use a step-by-step approach when he is building a website. Every step can be checked by using tools, and one can expect the testing phase efficiently. More features of Codeigniter are search engine-friendly URLs, pagination, form and data validation, and user-agent class. 

Limitations of Codeigniter 

While Codeigniter offers several benefits to web developers, it also has certain limitations. For instance, it does not focus on code maintainability. These days, businesses expect developers to write structured code. Unlike other PHP frameworks, Codeigniter does not support the partition of code by default. 

Let us understand other limitations of Codeigniter that might stop developers from using Codeigniter. 

1. Need Exhaustive Libraries

Codeigniter also accelerates custom web application development by offering different libraries. The libraries offered by Codeigniter are not good as libraries provided by current PHP frameworks. 

2. Takes Time for Code Implementation 

Developers need additional time to implement code. It allows customizability of code, but this also consumes a lot of time and delays work. 

3. No Built-in ORM

It is based on PHP and is not very object-oriented. It has no built-in ORM. 

Codeigniter vs. Laravel

Codeigniter is an agile and open PHP development framework and is considered to be easy for a beginner. Laravel is a detailed PHP framework for web artisans with expressive and elegant syntax. Laravel and Codeigniter have emerged through the years and is considered to be the responsive web application for developers. 

Laravel offers better modular packaging, IO capabilities, composer-based dependency manager, and easy integration with 3rd parties. Codeigniter, on the other hand, is a powerful PHP framework to create dynamic websites. It allows third-party plugins for implementing complex functionalities. 

Furthermore, it offers support for paging and data encryption, session management, and advanced security. Laravel is relational object-oriented. Codeigniter is object-oriented. Laravel supports Microsoft SQL server, OrientDB, DB2, and JDBC compatible. Codeigniter supports Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MongoDB, and others. 

Laravel doesn’t have unit testing and has a steep learning curve. Codeigniter doesn’t have basic functions and is sometimes considered to be outdated.  

Final words

It is the best open source development platform for PHP. Moreover, it is easy to use and has excellent debugging features. It has a user-friendly interface and is extremely interactive to make a secure application. 

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