15 Commonly Believed Myths About Web Development Debunked Here

15 Commonly Believed Myths About Web Development Debunked Here

Internet applications, websites, e-commerce, and networking services are IT services that we hear of every now and then. With the growing digitalization, these terms have become more familiar to us. All of these fall under one extensive-term: Web Development. Besides the development and designing of a static or dynamic page, web development also accounts for other tasks like web engineering, content development, network security configurations, and others.

Different organizations have different ways of practicing the development procedure, and this gives meaning to every organization, employees, clients, partners, and users in many ways. The work pattern and the kind of web development assignments that are being handled count for different understandings and assumptions. 

Let's look at a few myths about web development here.

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1. One Technology or Software is Suitable for All

That stands absolutely false. The technologies and business solutions for web development depend on the customer’s needs. We believe in providing world-class facilities to its clients. The services provided by us are in accordance with clients' needs, which best fulfills their goals and objectives.

2. Website Creation Makes You a Web Developer

Simply creating a website does not make you a web developer. Web developers require proficiency in a wide range of skills and also regularly revising and updating them as per the current trends. Web development is a strong discipline for which you need understanding and practice with HTML, CSS, testing, performance optimization, and version controls.

Developing a website implies your familiarity with the basics. Web development demands exposure to various aspects involved. Website creation is definitely a step towards web development, and the more you work towards it and get a deeper insight into other aspects, the better developer you become with each passing day.

3. Start Learning Programming from Your Early Age

This misconception has largely been fueled by the media. The younger the developers are, the more skills and reputation they possess. The right time to learn to program is anytime you are interested.

4. Website Development is Easy

Websites may appear simple, but the developmental work is time-consuming and complicated. A strange fact is that the simplest websites are the most expensive ones. Some requests may seem small but involve complicated development and days of working.

5. You Ought to Be Genius

Just like learning programming from a young age, being a genius for web development is a myth. However, a few programmers are truly talented, but that doesn’t mean that the rest cannot be. Working hard across industries and languages can also make you a self-made genius in this web development. And remember the best are often best because they surround themselves with the best people. So, keep yourself surrounded by the best, and you will be a genius one day.

6. Once a Site is Built, It is Done

Web development is not a one-time activity. It needs to be maintained regularly. Your website needs to stay updated with fresh content and security extensions. It shall be user-friendly and modified on demand. Many companies employ developers to ensure the seamless operation of their online assets without glitches.

7. Responsive Web Design is Not Needed

For those who are unaware, responsive web designs allow the desktop webpages to be responsive to the size on other devices as well. Along with a beautifully designed website, it is also necessary to give a similar view of the pages on other devices as well. It is the need of the hour in the marketplace. Also, Google has started penalizing non-responsive websites.

8. Large Team Generates Greater Results

Team size can never generate results. It is all dependent on the skills of your team members and the management of the tasks. For any task to be performed successfully, the effective and efficient workforce is the first and foremost priority.

9. JavaScript and Java Are the Same

JavaScript and Java are totally different things. A stand-alone application can’t be created with a Java Script. Java is an OOP programing language that is responsible for creating and running an application on the virtual machine; whereas, JavaScript is a scripting language that runs only in browsers. Surely, they share similar names and also possess some similarities in code syntax but have different purposes. 

10. Real Programmers code in C, C++, and Assembly Languages

Again media sources have spread this notion. But this does not hold true. Some languages are more challenging than others, languages differ in barriers to entry, some require more skill and dedication to learn and master. C and assembly languages are good examples of these, and they have their uses.

11. HTML, CSS & JavaScript Are Always Necessary

Well, it depends. The current trends from a web development perspective have undergone a lot of changes. JavaScript libraries and frameworks are on boom. All three technologies have advanced significantly. Developers are continuously pushing the boundaries, creating richer applications. Every time a user uses new apps, he/she has an increased expectation from the next. It has become very challenging to master any one technology; three of them are a far-fetched thing.

Knowledge of the fundamentals of each one of these is essential. Any job, whether a start-up or custom applications or third-party software customization, a combination of all three – interface structure (HTML), interface styling (CSS) and functionality (JavaScript) is vital.

12. Learn Every Framework

Every framework has associated advantages and applications. Before acquiring any of them, first, find out their reasons for existence and extends. Frameworks have been made for every kind of development that you can imagine. Tailor your selection to your work area. With each new work and venture, you will be able to learn different frameworks.

The second reason for this is code duplication. Many frameworks either target exactly the same space or duplicate similar concepts. This anyways makes you familiar with various frameworks.

13. Men Make Better Programmers

This myth about web development has absolutely no basis. It is formed just on the fact that the tech sector is heavily biased by men. It is only a matter of one’s choice that leads them to the industry. However, the scenario has changed today. Women have actively started participating in the technicians’ league.

14. Websites Are a Commodity

The advent of templates has practiced the concept of the misconception that web design is a cheap commodity. Making use of existing templates may work for some companies but those who have a significant brand presence won’t suffice for long with this.

15. E-Commerce Websites Are Expensive

The cost of the website depends on your service provider. The layout and the design may be adjusted to your requirements and convenience.

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