20 Reasons You Should Go for Laravel Framework for Web Development

20 Reasons You Should Go for Laravel Framework for Web Development

For any business, web development is one vital process, especially if the application you invest in is a complex one. Believe it or not, but the choice of the right development platform can make all the difference to the functionality and the quality of the application. And, whenever we talk about the choice of the right development platform, the first name that pops into mind is the Laravel PHP framework. Yes, it emerges as a good option for businesses.

And, it is a fact that various top-notch brands have opted for this framework by claiming it as a sought-after option. Well, it is also possible to prove it. Yes, there are ample of legitimate reasons proving why Laravel development services are considered best from the business perspective.

Before listing down these reasons, there is a need for a closer look at the framework. But before going for that, let’s have a brief knowledge that what Laravel is and also what the phrase Web Development means to understand things well. Let’s begin!

What is Laravel?

In simple words, a powerful MVC PHP framework, created for developers who demand a simple but elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications, is what we call Laravel Framework.

Created by Taylor Otwell, it is a PHP based web framework for building high-end web applications using its significant as well as graceful syntaxes. Offering application architecture: it comes with a strong collection of tools. Plus, it includes several characteristics of technologies like ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, and a lot more.

The most interesting fact about it is that it is an open-source framework, so the source code of it is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design. Apart from all, it encourages developers by releasing huge time and helps decrease thinking and planning to develop the entire website from scratch.

Other than that, the security of the application is also a feature that Laravel takes care of. So, in all, it can boost the web development pace for us. And, most importantly, if one is familiar with the basics of PHP along with the basic knowledge of some intermediate PHP scripting, then Laravel can craft their work more efficiently.

About Web Development

Well, if we are talking about Web development by Laravel, it is a must to have brief that what web development is. Broadly, it defines as tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via the internet or intranet.

The process of web development includes web design, client-side/server-side scripting, web content development, and network security configuration, among other tasks.

Web development is also recognized as website development.

Why Go for Laravel for Web Development?

Besides all, people wonder what makes this framework one of the most popular PHP frameworks to work on in the coming years. And, the answer is its amazing features. Yes, so let’s know all the features, which further becomes the reason why the framework makes the right choice for web development.

1. Lengthy Programming Becomes Easy

One of the major reasons why Laravel makes a great choice for web development is that developers can access Laracasts, practice tools, as well as specialized learning. These offer paid expert tutorials and also free tutorials that are essential in resolving complex issues via coding.

The best thing about it is whatever content is available on the platform is developed by experts and offers structured instructions that allow the development of optimized solutions based on the business requirements. With the information loaded on Laracasts, lengthy programming becomes easier.

2. Built-in Project Environment

Again, making it easier to manage things for developers, the Laravel framework provides an integrated project environment for developers. And, as we mentioned earlier, it simplifies the complex and lengthy programming tasks and makes them relatively hassle-free.

The reason behind this is because the framework offers a more structured and clear way of coding for web development fundamentals of diverse types. Speed, as well as ease of development, bring benefits for businesses that prefer to invest in Laravel development instead of any other platform.

3. MVC Support

Another factor that makes Laravel the ideal PHP framework for the development of web applications is MVC support to it. There are just so many platforms that lack in this context as they fail to offer support to MVC, but Laravel appears as the winner.

MVC architecture enhances the overall performance, offers multiple functionalities for the application, and renders better documentation, making Laravel development an attractive option for businesses.

4. Unit Testing

It could be said that you get the advantage of Unit Testing as well with this web framework. This not only creates the application easier to test but also enhances the chances of deployment of a flawless product.

Along with this test, many other tests are performed to avoid any unexpected breakdowns if a developer working on the project makes a new update at any point in time.

5. Blade Templating Engine

Another distinctive feature of the Laravel platform is the Blade templating engine because the engine is intuitive and works well with typical HTML/PHP code. Furthermore, as the templates are lightweight, creating impressive layouts is easy.

To create a good appeal and cut down the loading time of the website, the developer can leverage the widgets of CSS. Clearly, in the search engine ranking, this translates as an improvement.

6. Database Migration

Synchronization of the database with several development machines is one of the most challenging tasks for the developers. And, once again, Laravel comes as a savior because it aces on this front as well.

Yes, it saves time in the development process because it lets the developers share the databases with other developers in the team. This is one of the capabilities that make Laravel stand apart from other PHP frameworks.

7. Community Support

Another best thing is, one can avail of extensive community support by choosing Laravel to develop a web application for your business. It is possible because there is an open-source platform with a huge community of experts backing it up.

So that means if a Laravel developer or team gets stuck during the development process, then they can easily seek assistance from the community and resolve the concern as soon as possible. And, as a result, the chances of bottleneck and delay in the project are reduced to the negligible.

8. Libraries and Configuration

Along with offering a built-in project environment, as we mentioned above, the framework also supports a multitude of development environments and aligns itself based on the platform where the app runs.

The reason behind this is the authorization libraries are integrated into the platform. More on that, libraries of Laravel are empowered by auto-complete features, which do not exist in its peer PHP frameworks.

9. Security

Now, apart from all, Security is one of the main components of a successful PHP website development project. And, that is the reason why Laravel is a much-preferred platform for web development because the framework extends a significant level of security parameters that are not present in other frameworks. Plus, the CSRF tokens check every single request on the POST.

Also, they offer protection from someone who may change POST to GET request. That gives additional security for the framework. On the other hand, the Laravel developer also checks how secure the application is because this depends on the code or structure they create.

10. Apt for Enterprise Applications

Along with a component-based distributed system, any enterprise application is bound to have complex features. And for building this kind of web app, the framework can be the right choice as it has all the right kind of features to handle a high level of complexity.

11. Suitable for e-Commerce Applications

For building a varied range of applications from scratch, this PHP framework can be easily used, and e-commerce applications are one of them. It offers a varied range of features like stability, flexibility, scalability, and easy customization that make it apt for this purpose.

12. Supports Front-End/Back-End

Like we already mentioned above, Laravel is an MVC framework for PHP programming language. Hence, even to build a full-fledged web application, you can use it right from the front-end to the back-end.

In the word MVC, Model stands for database entity models, View(s) denotes the frontend pages, and Controller(s) is the logic adapter that connects the Views along with the Model.

13. Cloud Storage

When talking about Web development, Cloud Storage is essential. And guess what it is another interesting and important feature behind working with Laravel Framework.  Apart from that, the Laravel Framework offers you the option of working with two main file systems like Rackspace Cloud Storage and  Amazon S3.

That means if you mind something with your first option, you can easily switch between the two. Because Laravel provides the same API for both storage options, and this is smoothly possible.

14. Emerging Platforms

It's not always easy to handle big web development projects, and Laravel wins here as well. Hence we can say that due to its dynamic capabilities to handle projects, many PHP development companies have adopted Laravel. Based on the reports from Google trends, Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks among the developers.

15. Easy to Get Started

Often,  people start working with Laravel and majorly because it’s easy to get started. With this framework, you can easily develop and 5-page website in just a few hours even if you, as a developer, are unaware of the basics of PHP. Still, it’s not the only reason why one should choose Laravel for web development as many more we have mentioned here.

16. Modular

Created on more than 20 different libraries, Laravel is itself split up into different individual modules. The framework has adopted modern PHP principles that enable developers to build user-friendly  modular and responsive web development.

17. Open Source

This PHP web application platform is open-source, which makes it free and has a very easy process for building complex as well as big web application development with code maintainability.

18. Support of Artisan Tool

For those who don’t know, a built-in tool that can be used for command-line is what we call Artisan. And,  through a command-line, it is easy for a developer to interact with a Laravel framework to easily handle and create a Laravel environment.

This inbuilt tool enables ample of tedious and repetitive programming tasks that are tough to be performed manually.

19. Spark Scaffolding

With Laravel Spark, it is easy to create a strong scaffolding system for pre-built applications to accomplish password resets, authentication, invoicing, and other related factors.

20. Deployment with Enveyor

A PHP deployment tool, Enveyor, helps deliberately run Laravel applications. It is easy to deploy updated code with this tool, and also manage the installation of Laravel code repositories and clone appropriate folders.

Final Thoughts

So, with these many reasons, it becomes clear that Laravel is a great choice for web development work. However, the best way to leverage the advantages of the framework is by collaborating with a reputed Laravel development company.

Our team at Covetus is ready to create a custom application according to your bespoke requirements to resolve your challenges and add value to your business. You can trust us to hire dedicated Laravel developers with the right expertise as well as skills as these aspects need to be considered while choosing a PHP development company. So, to get started with your project, connect with us now. 
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