Why Use AngularJS? Key Features Every Developer Should Know

Why Use AngularJS? Key Features Every Developer Should Know
What do you understand by the term AngularJS? It is a Javascript-based open-source front-end web framework that lets you use HTML and application components. It is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. AngularJS is the framework of the next generation that is designed to work with different tools in an interconnected way. 

It is maintained by Google and other communities that address the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It is the frontend part of the MEAN Stack and consists of Express.js web application server framework, Node.js server runtime environment, and MongoDB Database. 

With AngularJS, the developers could use HTML as the template language. This allows the extension of HTML’s syntax to share its components smoothly.  

Features Offered by Angular JS and Reasons Why It is Gaining Popularity

AngularJS offers a wide range of features and benefits. With AngularJS, the developers could build flexible and platform-independent web applications. Furthermore, it offers different amazing templates that make it easier for developers to collaborate with designers. 

Angular developers prefer using AngularJS for several reasons. It offers powerful tools and thus makes the development smoother. Here are some features and reasons why AngularJS is the best for web development. 

1. The MVC Framework - The Perfect Architecture

MVC, which stands for Model View Control Architecture, is the perfect software pattern for dynamic modeling. These modules work on different logics and are initialized according to the needs. While the model layer in the architecture manages the application data, the view layer displays the data, and the controller connects the view and the model layer. 

When you work with normal MVC architecture, you have to split the application into three components and then write code to connect them. But with AngularJS, you only have to split the application into MVC. This saves the developer’s time of coding. 

2. Exceptional Unit Testing Facilities

One of the amazing features of the Angular JS is it makes the best use of unit testing techniques and delivers high-quality applications. Earlier, testing was done by creating a single page and using that page, other components were checked. This was a time-consuming process. 

But with AngularJS, this has become easier. The code could be divided into smaller parts, i.e., units. Through this, errors could be detected easily in a single line. Also, the controllers available with Angular JS depend on the dependency injection, which means you could adjust aspects to find the configuration for the application.  

3. It Requires Less Code

It is the preferred choice of web developers because it needs less coding in comparison to other languages. The developers do not have to write code to connect the MVC and also separate codes. 

All these decrease the efforts of coding that is needed by the developers. Additionally, it saves the cost of any organization by not hiring an extra Angular JS developer. 

4. Functions Could be Filtered

Filters available in the AngularJS could filter the data before it reaches its point. The filters perform paginations and filter data arrays according to parameters available. The system puts the information systematically before it is delivered to the people. 

So, filtering in Angular JS is another reason why it is the prominent choice of developers. 

5. Access to Plain Old Javascript Model (POJO) 

It uses a POJO model, which is highly functional. Previously, data models were used to monitor the data flow within an application. With  POJO, this model offers brilliant objects and logic. 

They need to create loops with the right properties to deliver the best results. Thus, developers could get the code they need for building user-friendly apps. 

6. It Uses HTML

It uses HTML to build user interfaces. It is a common language and easier to understand. Javascript, on the other hand, is complicated and is difficult to develop. This could be your perfect choice if you are looking for quick, simple, and easy apps. 

7. It is Maintained by Google

AngularJS is maintained by the experts who are ready to solve your queries anytime. You could find the Angular JS experts everywhere in the world to provide solutions to your problem. We, at Covetus, have also served thousands of startups and industry experts in the diverse field through our expertise. 

Also, when you know that something is developed or maintained by Google, then it would be an expert. By offering immense benefits to the end-users, AngularJS has gained popularity in no time. It is a superior framework and is also considered to be one of the most used top programming languages. 

Benefits of Using AngularJS

Here are the benefits of why you should start using AngularJS today. 

1. It Saves Time

Projects that used to take time (months or years) to complete with other frameworks could be completed faster with AngularJS. This framework splits the application into several components. Thus additional coding is not required.  

2. Affordable

Angular JS is an open-source framework; therefore, developers could come up with customized solutions and applications according to the end-user budget. 

Also, developers could avoid using HTML/CSS while adding the markup without breaking the application. They don’t have to rearrange the code with the existing codes. 

3. Testing is Easy

In AngularJS, the Javascript goes under a series of tests, which makes testing almost automatic. With several tools available in AngularJS, you could start from scratch and test the components without any efforts. 

4. Gives More Flexibility

The filters that are available in AngularJS offer more flexibility to the app. The filter sorts the data according to the requirements before it reaches the view. Furthermore, the filters perform several functions such as reversing the order of the array, and other functions. 

5. Closer to MVVM Architecture

It doesn’t use MVC originally but moves closer to Model-View-View-Controller (MVVC). This is a strong point for any application and development. 

Importance of AngularJS

AngularJS is gaining popularity for several reasons. Anyone who works on web applications should take AngularJS seriously when developing any application. It gives XAML developers a place to go on the web. 

XAML is a declarative language and is used to instantiate set values and graphs. It makes an easier layout that could change over time. Furthermore, it could handle dependencies. It allows you to divide the app into logical modules that are dependent on each other. 

It has a structured UI that helps the developer to understand and manipulate the components (if necessary). A declarative UI removes the need for the hidden code and allows the data binding to decouple the dependency on the list. 

The best part of using Angular JS is, it is supported by Google. Google apps use Angular JS, and other developers also get an opportunity to work with certified professionals. Angular JS applications are developed using TypeScript language. It is a superscript of Javascript and ensures higher security. It reduces errors at the time of maintenance or during testing. 

Also, with AngularJS, you don’t need any extra functions. As every object it uses is POJO and enables object manipulation by offering conventional Javascript functionalities. 

Another benefit of using Angular JS is that with modulation separation, you could load the necessary services while performing automatic testing. The modules in AngularJS makes functioning easier and allow for lazy loading. Developers could develop the best modules with a proper understanding of AngularJS. 

Limitations of AngularJS

While AngularJS offers several benefits, it has certain limitations. It needs a lot of understanding to work with AngularJS. Read more limitations below. 

1. Javascript Support is Mandatory

If Javascript is disabled, then users won’t be able to use websites and applications. In this case, you could expect AngularJS properties to be less useful. Contrary to this, plain-HTML based web is better, useful, and does not find Javascript mandatory.  

2. Complex Features

Features like dependency injections in AngularJS are difficult. This could be problematic for new or inexperienced Java developers. 

Also, the limited documentation in AngularJS could affect the learning process. But today, communities are making it easier for people to use AngularJS.

3. Less Secure and Focuses on JavaScript

If you are new to AngularJs, then know that it does not offer server authorization and authentication. It doesn’t grant permission for data access and identifies a user by credentials. 

Therefore, it is considered less secure. Additionally, it is dependent on JavaScript. If this would hide, then the page would look very basic. 

4. Not Supported Everywhere and No Specific Way to Perform Task

In AngularJS, one task could be performed in several ways. So, you can’t compare which is the best way to perform the task. Working with AngularJS could be difficult as it is not supported everywhere. For instance, AngularJS couldn’t work on Internet Explorer 8.0.

The Future of AngularJS

Over the years, Angular JS has experienced significant changes and has been improved for the better. Today, AngularJS focuses on working modern browsers like Internet Explorer8, iOS6+, Firefox, Android, and more. Due to its features, it dominates other frameworks related to Javascript. 

Most importantly, it is maintained by Google, and thus people find it the safest choice. But you can’t predict the future and AngularJS performance when there is a new framework coming every year. As of now, bigger companies prefer choosing AngularJS, as it connects and integrates with other frameworks easily. 

Furthermore, the developers have to do less coding and also, it reduces the complexity. Getting started with this framework is easy. Add a few attributes to your HTML, and you could have an Angular JS app in a few minutes. 

Final Words

It has become the most widely used Javascript process framework for the process of the web application. The Angular JS gives developers the flexibility to choose resources that they want to use to develop web applications. If you haven’t tried using AngularJS, then you are missing the best framework available. 

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