10 Reasons Why This Is the Best Time to Invest in Node.js Development

10 Reasons Why This Is the Best Time to Invest in Node.js Development
JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages. It is gaining popularity and has brought several changes in the field of web development. Several years ago, it was difficult to imagine JavaScript taking the IT sector by the storm. 

Earlier, writing the backend in JavaScript offered by Node.js was a unique idea, but today, several companies are choosing it as their primary software technology. Node.js is the most used development framework in the world, and JavaScript is the fifth most popular language. 

So, if you are stuck in choosing the best framework for web development, then do not explore other frameworks when you have Node.js. Also, if you are a beginner, then know key web development fundamentals to become a successful developer. Let us know more about this Javascript runtime environment. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js executes Javascript code outside of the browser. It is an open-source, Javascript runtime environment and is based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. 

This technology was introduced in 2009, since then it has been recognized as the most exciting single piece of software in the current JavaScript universe. It was sponsored by cloud computing and hosting solution provider, Joyent. 

The company also invested in several frameworks and provided hosting services to LinkedIn. The technology is also adopted by several leading leaders like Netflix, eBay, Walmart, and others. 

If you are planning to invest in something big and innovative, then Node.js could be the best option for you. See the reasons why Node.js is the best technology of today. 

1. It Improves Productivity

It is a Javascript runtime environment and thus allows everyone to merge backend and frontend into a single team. This improves the efficiency of any web development process. The new features in Node.js are allowing everyone to use it in areas where earlier it was not accessible for Javascript developers. 

When it comes to productivity, then Node.js is a multidimensional one. With Node.js, the organization could eliminate dependencies and generate more efficiency by combining the frontend and backend teams. 

It is also known for its speed and its ability to fetch the content. This is the reason why it is highly responsive. The popular brand Paypal found a significant increase in its employee’s productivity after using Node.js. The company found that developers have delivered an application based on Node.js in less time and with more efficiency. 

2. The Web is Getting Dependent on Javascript

Today, Javascript is used to write an app from scratch. The latest trend suggests that Javascript will be used more in the future. It is one of the most versatile and effective languages that is used to enhance the functionality of the web. 

It is comparatively faster than other languages and does not require compilation. It is a platform-independent and event-based programming language that extends the web functions.

3. It Merges Well With Microservices

Microservices offers several benefits when it comes to debugging and performance. It merges well with Node.js. So, if you are interested in using microservices, then use Node.js for your business. Node.js offers easy scalability. 

Furthermore, it also gives you the option of adding resources to the single nodes when you are scaling the application. It offers more efficient and usable features than other Javascript servers. The Node.js community has been associated with microservices for a long time. It provides several tools that are compatible with microservices and thus makes any work easier. 

4. It is a Great Option for Startups

Selecting the right platform is essential for startups. The right technology stack is the first decision that is based on multiple factors like scalability, speed of development, and others. It has no learning curve; i.e., it is easy to learn and grasp. 

There is no necessity to switch between the front-end and back end. The applications written in this technology require less code in comparison to other languages. What’s amazing is you could reuse the code and share it between the applications. This enhances/increases the development process. 

The node community has produced multiple tools and instruments to improve the development speed. Node’s package system provides several libraries and reusable templates that could be incorporated into the code with fewer efforts. 

5. It is Known for Offering High Performance

V8 JavaScript Engine compiles the Javascript code into the machine code. This enhances the speed of the code execution and supports the non-blocking input out operations. It could also handle multiple requests simultaneously. The incoming requests are lined up and get executed systematically. 

Furthermore, Node.js is also customizable and could be extended as per the requirements. It provides the scope for data between the client and the webserver. It offers the freedom to manage and develop apps. It is one of the crucial features that are not present in Ruby on Rails. You could start everything from the start while building applications. 

6. It Supports IoT

Around 95% of IoT companies use Node.js for app development. Node.js is beneficial for IoT applications. It is widely used to boost productivity and to build highly scalable modern applications. Node.js is the best choice for building the Internet of Things applications. 

The combination of Node.js and IoT has become the topic of the town. Node.js is fast and makes the flow smoother. It comes with NPM Packages that contain several IoT modules and could be used for robust application development. The Node Package Manager contains over 30 packages for devices and sensors. Key NPM modules are Noduino, CylonJs, and more. The main feature of IoT is to collect data, analyze, and communicate. 

Devices like transmitters and sensors could generate data by generating requests. Node.js could handle these requests with the help of streams. The packages not only make a successful arrangement but give a chance to developers to reuse and to refresh code without putting much effort. 

7. It Builds Real-Time Web App

If you are looking to build gaming apps, then Node.js offers incredible features that could help you build gaming apps at a faster speed. This framework fits best for programs that call for the event-based server. 

The event-based server manages the server and client-side. This process is fast and is written in Javascript. 

8. Data Streaming

Node.js effectively manages asynchronous I/O from the root. The data streaming in Node.js solves the network development problems easily. It also utilizes the best attributes and minimizes the processing time. 

For instance, it processes files during uploading. Additionally, it could write and read streams to Web Sockets, which then help to write streams to HTTP. 

9. It Solves All Data Queries

Database queries for MongoDB and CouchDB have a Javascript framework. Here developers could solve this query without changing the syntax differences. This could be done by bringing NoSQL and Node.js together. Node.js could easily work with real-time web apps. 

Also, JSON could run without any error in data conversion. Besides delivering excellent apps, it helps send real-time updates. 

10. It is Flexible 

The most interesting thing is Javascript could be found everywhere. Right from the browser to the server, with Node.js, you could work on Javascript. Multitudes of Frameworks could be used for several types of projects. Javascript can handle the loop mechanism.

What Makes Node.js Different from Other Frameworks?

It is a server-side engine for running Javascript. It uses the same V8 JavaScript engine that is built/designed into the browser. It has a different set of APIs that makes it unique from others. 

You have several Web APIs to help you enhance UI. Node.js comes with different APIs that are suitable for backend and frontend development. It has become popular everywhere and is widely used to create APIs. 

How Node.js and Javascript Differ?

Most of the people confuse how Node.js and Javascript are interrelated or in what way are different. While Javascript is a programming language and runs in a web browser, Node.js, on the other hand, is a running environment for Javascript and contains libraries. 

Here are other differences between Javascript and Node.js that you should know. 

1. Javascript is mainly used for any client-side activity, like refreshing the page after an interval. It could also provide dynamic changes on the web page without refreshing. Node.js is used for accessing any non-blocking operation of an OS.

2. Javascript is easy to write. NOde.js supports the V8 engine, which is Chrome specific. It even supports the engine, the written Javascript could be run on any environment, so it is not browser-specific. 

3. Javascript follows the Java programming language standard. Node.js is written in C++ and provides a V8 engine that helps to run the Javascript programs in different browsers. 

4. For accessing any specific non-blocking task, Javascript has a few objects that are operating system specific. For instance, ActiveX Control only runs in Windows. Node.js runs non-blocking tasks from any JVs programming. It allows the developer to read or write on disk. 

5. Javascript is used to create network-centric applications. Node.js is used for real-time applications and could run on distributed devices. 

6. Javascript is dynamic, functional, and object-oriented. Node.js is single-threaded, requires no buffering, and is fast.  

7. Javascript is simple, versatile, has extended functionality, increased interactivity, and richer interfaces. Node.js is good with synchronization issues, goes well with data streaming, easy to code, and is community-friendly. 

There are several similarities between Node.js and Javascript, such as name, standard libraries, and more, but they differ in implementation and design. 

Final Words

Node.js has a community that continuously contributes to its development and improvement. The developers are supported by Javascript programmers and provide easy solutions. No doubt, Node.js is the best web development choice available in the market, and it is high-time to invest in this technology. Also, if you are a mobile application developer, then you could try React-Native for the application to make it successful.

So, if you are looking for a framework that could encourage developers and also satisfy the customer requirements, then without any second thought, go for Node.js. 
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