How to Setup Your eCommerce Store Without Having a Personal Website?

How to Setup Your eCommerce Store Without Having a Personal Website?
An eCommerce store is a great way to attract the new-age customers. Are you seeking some practical ways to sell your products, but don’t want to spend on the website creation?

In the contemporary world, you don’t need an e-commerce website to sell your product as the technology has a lot to deliver. 

People have some misconceptions that one needs to create a website to sell their products, but that’s not true. 

Thanks to the unique online mediums such as social media platforms, and blogs that help you showcase your products and sell them to millions of customers in just a few clicks.

1) Facebook Store 

So you want to set up your eCommerce store without a website? You don’t have to struggle anymore to build your online store and increase your followers there. As a fact, bring your online store to your favorite social media platform - Facebook.

Selling on social media is not the latest concept. Being the most popular social networking platform, Facebook has become a valuable channel for the business people who want to start and promote their business.

Facebook has a highly engaged audience with whom you can connect with and influence through visual content. The ‘Marketplace’ icon on Facebook allows you to sell your product there. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • In the Facebook app, click the Marketplace icon.
  • You will see many options there. Just click on ‘Sell’ and take pictures of your products.
  • Enter the name, description, and price of the item for sale.
  • Choose your category and begin posting.

Once you post your product and pricing details, the buyer can easily identify it and can make a purchase.

Also, if you want to make an exclusive page for your products and services, you can use Facebook for the purpose. All you need to do is create a Facebook Business page. You need to be logged in into the business page, have admin privileges, and follow some dedicated steps to post your product and pricing details.

2) Instagram Store

It is no secret that Instagram is a social media platform where you can share beautiful moments, informative facts, and a lot more. But, do you know that you can use it as a tool for selling items? Yes, we’re talking about the Instagram Store.

If you are hoping to reach millions of potential customers on Instagram and want to earn a handsome amount of income and profit, then Instagram Store is your answer.

You can build a profitable business on Instagram. All you need to do is to create an Instagram account with a business username (keep it simple) so that the user can easily find you and upload your products followed by the pricing and other shipping details.  

You can also take some ideas from a successful online store on Instagram. Understand how it runs and what makes it work so well. But remember, you only have to go through it for inspiration and are not supposed to copy its style or use its ideas. 

3) Third-Party Website 

Promoting your business, placing an advertisement, and selling on the third party website is another good option in the new-age market to start your online store. 

You have to spend some money to showcase your product on the third party website. 

Try your hands on some third-party websites like eBay, Amazon, and others to sell your products. You can gain exposure to new audiences for your products here and also take advantage of their existing audience to increase your business revenue. You can also take help of a service-based website to sell your products and services.

4) Sell Products Through Blogging 

If you want to sell your products and are looking for a reliable option, then blogs are also a great option. You can write some meaningful and informative blogs telling customers about your product and the benefits of your products, pricing, and other mandatory details. 

In today’s age, people love to explore and read new things, and blogs are a great medium. Once they are excited about what you have to offer, they can contact you or purchase your product by clicking on the sidebar button.

So try out these great ways to start your online store without owning a website.
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