Google Releases Site Kit Plugin for All WordPress Users, Read All Here

Google Releases Site Kit Plugin for All WordPress Users, Read All Here
Finally, Google has released version 1.0 of its Site Kit plugin globally for WordPress users. As earlier in 2016, the plugin was launched for developers, but in the Beta version and after six months, it’s officially out of beta.

Well, let’s first learn what is Wordpress and its plugin to understand better.

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is a tool for creating websites. It is the world’s most popular tool, is capable of creating any style of websites. Yes, ranging from a simple blog to a full-featured business website, you can use WordPress for all. However, you can analyze first why or why not you should opt Wordpress. Even to create an online store, you can use WordPress (i.e., possible by using the popular WooCommerce plugin).

Another benefit it offers is you don’t need any coding or design skills to create a professional-looking site by using WordPress. Yes, there are already thousands of free site designs available to choose from, known as “themes” in the WordPress world. Besides all,  WordPress is one of the most efficient CMS platforms for eCommerce Website Development.

In all, it’s easy to build your website using WordPress without writing a single line of code or knowing anything about HTML.

About WordPress Plugin and How Does it Work

A bit of code that “plugs in” into your self-hosted WordPress site is what we call as a WordPress plugin. In simple words, something that adds new functionality to your WordPress site or extends existing functionality on your site is what we call a WordPress plugin.

And, one of the advantages of using WordPress is that there are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins enterprising developers have written that you can easily add to your site.

Moreover, ranging from small tweaks to massive changes to your site, Plugins can make everything. For example, few plugins can help us turn our WordPress site into a fully functioning eCommerce store, forum, or social network.

Besides, one can also add smaller features, such as an Instagram feed. Yes, some WordPress plugins don’t even have front-facing effects. For example, you can install plugins to help it rank better or improve your site’s performance in search engines like Google.

And, now Google launched  Site Kit for WordPress users. Let’s know what it is.

What is Site Kit?

A WordPress plugin that enables users to set up and configure Google services to get insights into their WordPress dashboards is what Site Kit is.

Plus, now users can easily see stats from Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Google Analytics, AdSense all in one place.

And as it’s a plugin, it doesn’t need any source code editing. Site owners can also grant individual permissions and assign roles.

Earlier this year, the company released Site Kit in developer preview, and according to reports, thousands of developers have installed it.

Important Features of Site Kit

Here are some of the most important features that Site Kit offers:

1. Since the design of the dashboard is minimalist now, it offers easy-to-understand stats.
2. Without having to make changes to the source code of the site, a quick and easy set-up is possible.
3. For the entire website or individual posts, Key metrics are available.

The Key Metrics and Insights That You Can Monitor

One can get integrated data from Google products with Google’s Site Kit. It includes:

1. Search console
2. PageSpeed Insights
3. Analytics

Plus, for other Google products also, you can configure the plugin such as:

1. AdSense
2. Tag Manager
3. Optimize

Hence, it will surely help the users to get reliable and up-to-date recommendations from Google, with the actionable guidance, optimized for website owners.

What Does the Dashboard Offer?

The main dashboard offers a high-level view of significant changes and how users are finding your site.

And, how specific content is performing, Individual page reports do show.

Also, to “see whether page load time affects bounce rate,” you can do things like enabling PageSpeed Insights and Analytics.

Why Install Site Kit?

It makes perfect sense for Google to have entered into the WordPress plugin business with WordPress being used to run one-third of all the world’s websites.

It is one power-packed plugin that will not only help you link different Google services but will also help you display the data right on your WordPress website’s admin dashboard, removing the need for individual plugins for each of the services. Moreover, it makes the tracking and analysis process hassle-free for site owners, even without having to possess any website development skills.

In other words, it offers the ability to see all of the metrics about your site performance that are captured across these various Google products in one with Site Kit will give WordPress users an out-of-the-box dashboard experience even without the headache of pulling data from these disparate sources.

Have a look at Google Key Products what we are talking about:

a. Search Console

It is to find the stats on their admin panel to recognize how Google search discover and display your website pages on their search results. And you can also analyze how many people find you on top in SERP, so you can better improve if needed.

b. Google Analytics

Keep checking the stats on behalf of the people who visit your website. Also, look for ways of the people and weekly or monthly visitors’ interest and more information on your panel.

c. AdSense

Keep track of how visitors respond to the ads and about the earning of your website.

d. PageSpeed Insights

To improve your user’s experience, keep a check of how well or poor your web pages are performing, as compared to your competitors, to get more engagement.

How to Install Site Kit by Google Plugin on WordPress?

We are pretty sure that one thing is great for all the WordPress users that they don’t need to add individual codes and scripts in their header.php to connect their websites from the Google products to get the insights.

It is possible by Google as it provides a single plugin to get access to all the products on their WordPress admin panel itself.

So, here are the steps one can follow to install the site kit on their WordPress:

1. At first, download the zip file of the Google site kit from the official website of Google (where the file is present).

2. Further, all you need is to upload the zip file in your plugin section and then activate it.

Not so many complexities, right? Yes, because it is just easier to perform when you do it. So by installing it now for getting the better insights of your website on your admin panel, utilize the benefits of the Site Kit by Google.

Plus, anytime when you want to check the audience response on your website updates and traffic on your website, you can find it useful and get the quick stats of your website.

The Google Site Kit has More for You

Besides how to install plugins, let’s know more about Google services which are supported by the Google Tool:

1. Tag Manager

To set up the tag manager on your website, you can use the site kit, and then you can update your website tags as per your needs and requirements by managing your tags.

2. Optimize

In the site kit, you can find the optimize option, which you can activate for your website, and then to find the best solutions and ways to market your website online, you can run A/B split testing campaigns.

Must say, when you will start using the Site Kit by Google to take care of your website insights, you will find it more useful and beneficial. So, why not install it now and utilize the unlimited benefits!
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