8 Reasons Why Android is a Great Choice for Building On-Demand Apps

8 Reasons Why Android is a Great Choice for Building On-Demand Apps
This is the era when on-demand apps have made their way. This change may have happened in the last few years only, but almost every business vertical is jumping into the bandwagon now. And, there is a huge part of the world out there, which is using these apps so much. Yes, as these apps offer instant services like cab booking, food delivery, medical checks, housekeeping, etc., more and more consumers love them.

And, at the same time, this is a tremendous opportunity for businesses as well because all they need is to fill this gap between service providers and app users by being a mediator. If you also want to mint money like anything and want to try your luck in this domain, the first thing that you would need to do is to find out which app you need to work on, and more importantly, on which platform you need to make an app on because a platform plays a very important role in the success of an app.

So, here we are to tell you why you should choose Android for on-demand Apps. But before that, let’s learn what on-demand apps are to understand better. Let’s begin with a brief about it.

What are the On-Demand Apps?

The apps which connect the end-users with the service provider are what we call on-demand apps. It could be said that they play the role of mediators.

Earlier, in the absence of such mediators, we need to call a service provider and wait until the concerned person responds. But now, this process becomes quite simple with the on-demand applications. By using an on-demand app, users can book the service/orders and service provider’s response (in real-time) & deliver orders/service at the customers’ doorstep.

In all, the concept of on-demand apps helps users to achieve their requests quickly, and also Android applications help service providers to grow their business by tenfold and that too with the least investment.

In simple words, an on-demand application is nothing but a tailored mobility solution that acts as a bridge between the users and the service providers. Moreover, it is an operational as well as investment backbone of the on-demand business. For example, a cab booking app facilitates a seamless connection between a passenger and a driver, while the booking service makes money as well.

It is an undeniable fact that on-demand is a lucrative business model nowadays that does not require a business to invest massively in inventory; instead, mobile application development is the only major investment that they need to make.

So, having a robust and user-friendly application is becoming mandatory nowadays because this is what serves as your business foundation. Apart from that, to make you stand apart in the increasingly competitive scenario, you need to have one with a great UX.

And, most importantly, it must have a set of right features to entice and retain your targeted audience but still, you must put a lot of thought into platform choice as well.

Benefits of Having an On-Demand App

Undoubtedly, we have different and unique business ventures that are doing everything they can to provide their services to various customers. Now to stand out from the crowd and reach out to a maximum number of customers, making an on-demand app might be the best option available. Also, on-demand apps are no less than app development trends that will rule the market in 2020. So, some of the best types of on-demand apps are:

a. Laundry Services
b. Beauty Services
c. Hospitality Services
d. Fuel Services
e. Housekeeping Services

And if we talk about these services only, the benefits of having application for your business are:

a. On-the-Go Marketing

With these apps, people can access your business and services from anywhere.

b. Employee Satisfaction

This is based on ease of project management, the user-friendliness, and usability of the app.

c. Security

On-demand apps make sure the user’s data is not compromised no matter what, as they are integrated with top-notch security features.

d. Improve Sales

With an app, you can generate new leads for the business, and along with that, you can sell the products.

e. Tracking Facility

Using map service, users and businesses can get exact information and location of the product in real-time.

f. Cashless Payment

Making cashless transactions are preferred the most nowadays, and the on-demand app promotes the option.

g. Review and Ratings

The app lets the user leave a review and rating, once the service/product has been received, regarding that particular service.

How is Android a Perfect Choice for On-Demand Apps?

We have learned about the on-demand apps, but still, it is important on which platform you are making the on-demand apps. Because for better results, the right platform is very important.

So, in this blog, we will analyze that by choosing Android, how we can avoid mistakes in mobile application development, especially for on-demand app development for start-ups as well as business enterprises.

1. Google is Lenient Towards Android

There are certain guidelines by Google for apps. So, if you go for an expert’s advice here, he/she would confirm that Google is slightly more lenient towards the Android app developers regarding the guidelines related to both app publishing and rejection. Since the developers also don’t need to follow any stringent terms and conditions, they mostly choose Android for their app. Plus, Google takes lesser time for app approval when Android is compared to Apple.

Besides all that, for new business entrepreneurs as well as start-ups, choosing Android is cheaper because they will have to pay only a one-time $25 registration fee while developing the on-demand app for the first time, before uploading the app. But this fee exceeds $99 per year in the case of Apple.

2. Android Has Large Market Share

We all know there are two market leaders in the mobile app market, which are Android and iOS. They both are very strong rivals of each other too. But when it comes to the comparison of both platforms, it is apparent that Android holds a larger market share than iOS. Even some figures and facts prove that Android rules the mobile app market, and there are no strong competitors of it.

Based on the reports of Statcounter, with 76.67%, Android is leading the mobile app market share while iOS held the second position with only 22.09% till Oct 2019.

If we consider these stats, then it is proved that the coverage of the Android app across the globe is higher than iOS. In simple words, the above facts and figures indicate the potential of Android platforms. Hence you can expand the business in many folds via connecting with a large customer base by considering Android for on-demand apps.

3. Offers Ease of Customization

It is a fact or can say the important aspect of the on-demand apps that it needs to fulfill the requirements of the end-users. Hence due to everyday changing trends, its functionalities also change to keep the customers happy.

But this is not an automated task because this surely requires the developer to keep on updating the app at regular intervals to serve the new and different requirements of the customer. And guess what, that is one reason why Android is more in demand because Android offers better customization in comparison to iOS.

And due to this, the app retention percentage also increases, as the modification of apps becomes easier.

4. Grants the Benefits of More Features

If we talk about features, no wonder they vary app to app, but still there are a few must-have features in the on-demand apps such as the integration of Maps, push notifications, GPS functionality, etc. which are very much important to reach the targeted customers.

Now again, this support is granted by the Android platform and has the edge over the iOS. Because anyway, you need the GPS track and Map feature to track the exact location of the product.

5. Offers Huge Space to Store Data

It is one of the most important benefits you can say. Because when we talk about the huge Data Storage, it means you get the extended facility of cross-platform as well as 15GB free storage capacity. But this all is only possible when you are planning to develop and launch an on-demand app on the Google Play Store. Hence, you can store the data in Google Drive. Moreover, besides google drive making it simpler to access the data, Google has its cloud storage as well.

And, don’t forget that as the on-demand apps have large customer data as well as the revenue generated from the sales, you need a big storage house.

6. The Advantage of Google Assistant

We are not saying that iOS doesn’t offer the voice assistant. But with Android, you also get the support of voice assistants in the form of Google Assistant and via that you get access to various data points, which make Google Assistant more better and efficient as compared to Siri.

And, the Android users only need to say the command, and the data gets encrypted. So, to search for a particular item or anything, this makes it much easier for the customers.

7. Handles Recurring Notifications Effectively

It is typically a need for on-demand apps because they send multiple push notifications to deliver useful information to the users and keep them updated.

Here again, Android OS is preferable as it is proficient enough to handle multiple notifications from one app effectively. Moreover, even without having to open the app, users can respond to them.

8. Supports Multiple Languages

This is the era when everyone is looking for more customization. So, they prefer if the apps support their preferred languages. Generally, the on-demand apps are based on the B2C model; they have the feature of multiple language support.

And, so the Android wins again because it is one major benefit that Android offers support for near about 100 languages, while in the case of iOS, there are just 34 languages in support.

Final Thoughts

On a concluding note, we can say as Android is developed and backed by Google, it offers the best advantages to both customers as well as the developers when it comes to on-demand apps.

Now, as we have seen the advantages of choosing an Android platform as the launchpad for your on-demand business, the next possible step would be to get started with one. And, the best way would be by hiring an Android developer or team with expertise as well as the right skills.

We, at Covetus, have a good experience in the on-demand domain as well hence offer top-rated Android development services. So, if you also need proper assistance,  connect with us, share your requirements, and we will offer a perfect solution.
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