11 Ways How Android Application Can Help in Growing Your Business

11 Ways How Android Application Can Help in Growing Your Business
Mobile apps are taking over the world by storm, especially in the duration of the past ten years. Particularly, Android, the computing platform supported by the Linux operating system, has made significant waves in the smartphone market. Yes, even smaller companies are serving clients better nowadays and seeing much greater returns on investment, all thanks to mobile apps.

A few years back, people did not even imagine that social media and smartphones will take the world with this much intensity. But no wonder, this advancement in technology has opened up new avenues for businesses.

While some businesses refuse to adopt the new technology and are happy to retain their traditional role, many others are there who have accepted a more forward-thinking and customer-centric approach.

One cannot deny that Android app development has helped the business to provide personalized service, and also helped in engaging customers in a way that was not possibly dreamed of before.

The bottom line is, everyone needs an app today. And as the time is changing, even the fear of high priced developers does not need to be a deterrent any longer. So, no particular reason came up to put it off. In all, the right DIY app builder can get your business on the right path to a mobile presence as only this matters now.

Irrespective of where they stand in their entrepreneurial journey, everyone is using mobile apps for their business. From the small to medium-sized, all businesses are catching up pretty quickly. Hence, building a mobile app is not only for the big conglomerates!

According to today’s scenario, the customers of every niche and strata have come to expect a mobile app for about any service or product they need. All you need is to think upon what you want in your app with the right planning so that you can plug and play your app right into existence.

Well, before learning about the ways our business is growing with an Android Mobile App, let’s have a brief discussion on what an Android App means to have a better understanding.

What Does Android App Mean?

Well, in technical terms, an Android app is a software application running on the Android platform. No wonder, a typical Android app is designed for a smartphone or a tablet PC running on the Android OS because the Android platform is built for mobile devices.

But in simple words, a mobile software application that is developed for use on devices powered by Google's Android platform is what we call Android applications. All these Android apps are available in the Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market) on various Android App-focused sites and the Amazon Appstore, and the apps can run on Android smartphones, Google TV, tablets, and other devices.

Google encourages developers to program their Android apps with Apple and its Apple App Store apps. The revenues for the latter is shared between Google (30%) and the software developer (70%). Many Android apps can be freely downloaded, while premium apps are also available for purchase by users. Additionally, while the app developer can derive revenue on free apps via Google's in-app billing capabilities, some Android apps follow the freemium business model.

The Benefits of Having an Android App

So let’s start a discussion on some of the most critical reasons that prove why it is essential for companies, which are seeking to speed up their growth and accelerate business with android app development:

1. Increases Visibility to Clients at All Times

Based on surveys, it is found that the average person spends over two hours on the mobile phone daily, particularly in the US. And, there are more than a billion smartphones globally. So, this fact signifies that these days, people spend more time on the phone in comparison to PCs. So, if you adjust your marketing plan to match this shift, it will be great for businesses.

If you have a mobile presence, your business will be exposed to numerous eyeballs. Moreover, when these masses scroll, unlock, and do whatever they do while on the go, your image, name, and logo need to be seen.

This is the era where humans have their devices on their palms, fingers, or pockets but every time with them. Yes, we all are using our device like, when waiting for the bus, watching TV (especially in the evenings), or even riding to-and-from work. So, it could be said all such times are suitable to send a notification to prospective clients.

So, you can use a mobile app to make sales if you offer internet-based services or products. Try to make this possible for clients to do the same things that they would conventionally do while working in their offices.

Plus, make sure that you offer valuable solutions for customers remotely. As a result, your business will be better as you are offering more opportunities for potential customers to reach you.

2. Markets More Directly

Nowadays, mobile phones are not the only source of communication but also via these apps, it helps to gain a lot of information to your business about your customers. For instance, demographics & geographical locations. More importantly, one can use these apps to disseminate a lot of information to your clients about your products and services.

Examples are news feeds, new features, product specifications, prices, special rates, and promotions. These apps can also help you know the preferences of certain customers and meet their individual needs. In all, it is true that marketing more directly is a huge advantage.

3. Provides Your Customers with Value

Nowadays, there is a huge need for a loyalty program; do you have one? If no, then why not make it digital using a mobile app? In all, you can move from the traditional reward collection to the smartphone and other mobile devices. As we already talked earlier, more people are now glued to their mobile phones than ever before.

Customers are interested in invaluable services and products. But it can be difficult for them to decide with so many outlets offering the same products. And, this is where a mobile app can help by nudging clients to your store. For instance, you can also use an area-sensitive push message on your app.

Clients can get a notification inviting them to your store, especially when they walk near your store’s physical location. Due to your catchy notifications, some curious shoppers will surely flock your store to see what you have to offer.

Must say, this approach has been effective for every brick-and-mortar business. Also, you can treat your valuable customers by sending them a thank-you notification after purchasing from your store. It will also help them connect to your business.

4. Builds Brand Recognition

You can enhance your business recognition using a mobile app, even though your business is new or rebranding. All you need is to create an app with likable features, and you will mesmerize your audience. So, construct a functional app instead of putting up an expensive billboard. After all, not everyone pays attention to the messages displayed on the billboards.

Besides, look for ways to keep your clients involved in your app regularly. The more they will like the products or services, it will sell more often when they interact with it. So, it is a rule of thumb in advertising, which we also call effective frequency. Plus it states that it is truly noticed if customers see the brand more than 20 times.

There is one more new feature that mobile apps come with, i.e., a sharing option where users can share your communication with their friends as well. It is especially for a friend telling you about a great service or product he or she bought somewhere. Well, according to several studies, referrals and third-party sales are among the most valuable marketing strategies these days.

5. Drives Customer Engagement

There is no doubt that Android apps have such potential to widen your target audience. After incorporating all the vital features into an extremely competent tool that helps to connect with the potential users, an intuitive interface helps accelerate business with apps.

6. Complement Your Website with Mobile App

“Do I need an app if I have a functional website?” This could be the question of any marketer operating on a shoe-string budget. But they generally forget the fact that a mobile app complements the capabilities of a website. Yes, if a website can attract new customers, then at the same time, a mobile app can step ahead and can create customer loyalty.

As we all know, a website requires a client to open a browser and enter the website URL to read more about the products and services. But there are no complexities with the app. Yes, all a mobile app needs is a single touch on the screen of a smart device to give to tour about the company.

We cannot deny the fact that a website is a great platform to offer information and post content such as copy, photos, and videos. But it surely won’t enable the two-way communication that an app boasts.

7. Stand Out from the Crowd

Not only in the business world but staying out of the crowd, or being unique also helps. And, that’s what a unique app does. So, try taking advantage of this effective communication and marketing tool.

And, as a result, you will have grabbed almost the entire market share by the time your competitors are realizing its importance. Yes, you can take a commanding role among your peers no matter what you sell.

With an app, your clients can see your products and services just by a tap of a button. Another advantage it offers is the ease that can help drive customer engagement and loyalty to an unprecedented level.

8. Increase Customer Engagement

Well, a higher number of customers is all we need. Right? And to reach such customers, all clients need is a unique way to reach the business that sells a product or service in which they are interested.

There is no doubt that a business owner runs the risk of losing customers if they are unreachable. And this is where a mobile app becomes useful. Yes, a mobile app enables this reach. For better results, you can have a help desk on the mobile platform where customers can post their questions, comments, orders, and complaints.

And, you can consider that your customer engagement is great only if you can reply to all their communication personally. Besides that, try to make the booking and ordering procedure as simple as possible yet secure because many surveys have disclosed that lengthy procedures discourage people.

Do not forget that people find it easier to click the ‘Back’ button rather than the ‘Next’ button.

9. Increase Customer Loyalty

To analyze if your app or business is successful or not, keep an eye on the statistic of how many customers come back to your store or office for a second purchase? Truly, it is one important aspect of business that you must cultivate.

One thing you can do to achieve customer loyalty is by selling good quality products in a reasonable range. And, the other way to achieve customer loyalty is to keep reminding your clients about your existence and the kind of products or services you sell.

This is unavoidable that there is already too much advertising out there. For example, billboards, newspaper ads, roadside banners, flashing signs, website banners, flyers, coupons, social media marketing, and emails. So, are you also thinking to add your communication in such crowded places? Well, this is of no use.

That is because a big chance is that your message runs the risk of getting lost or forgotten among all the noise. Hence, take a break and rethink your marketing and ad strategy.

Well, here a mobile app leaps and makes a truthful and sincere connection between your business and your clients. It increases recognition and loyalty as it is closest to the person. Putting it in simple words, it keeps you at their fingertips.

10. Turn Your App into a Social Platform

Try to integrate various social features into a mobile app. Yes, once a survey revealed that many people on social media login into to see what their friends are saying.

Well, associating such ideas into your marketing strategy can help you increase your customer engagement as people log in to see your brand while they catch up with their friends.

So, the inclusion of features such as in-app messaging, likes, comments, and photo-sharing capabilities can help you enhance the brand.

Besides that, enable logging in to the app via Twitter and Facebook. According to reports, this approach has proven effective in increasing customer engagement, retention, repeated sales, and monetization.

11. Mobile Users are Greater Than Desktop Users

This is last but not least, and very important! Yes, we all know that the number of mobile users increasing day by day. And, this is the era when it does not matter what service or product you sell, but having a mobile app is a must.

Also, some reports suggest that the average mobile phone user in the world spends three hours on the phone. Well, specifically, people invest in these three hours daily are usually spent interacting with mobile apps.

Reports suggest that the corresponding figure for desktop users is 38%, while the average mobile bounce rate is around 45%. The research involved travel, fashion, health, restaurants, garden, home, and automotive. Plus, mobile data traffic globally is projected to increase nearly 3x between 2018-2021.

Besides that, in every ten customers, three started a purchase path from a mobile app. Well, these statistics show how why you need to go for mobile. In all, this is a basic requirement for every marketer to have a mobile app. Yes, do not limit your presence to a responsive website.

But it doesn't mean that you only use mobile apps because you run the risk of never finding customers if you limit yourself to a mobile app. Hence, these platforms complement each other for becoming a huge hit in the market.

Closing Thoughts

So, we hope the above-listed benefits will guide everyone about the benefits of having a mobile app. Well, if you do not have the idea for a mobile app for your business then feel free to contact us, and we will help you in getting the trendy mobile app developed for your business.
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