Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords: Know 11 Parameters to Choose Better

Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords: Know 11 Parameters to Choose Better
Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign! This mantra has the power to transform your business and its reputation.

In the contemporary age, advertising has become a major element that has the power to engage customers all around the web. 

Well, when there is advertising, there is Facebook & Google! These are two powerful terms or platforms of this age that can boost customer conversion. 

If you want to generate leads and sales, then you must think about online advertising. But which one is better? Let's look at some parameters of Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords to find out which is better for you.

1) Social Reach

The main aim of advertising is to reach as many people as possible and grow your audience. With billions of searches per day, Google needs no introduction in terms of social reach. Through Google Pay-per-click advertising, you can reach a wide range of audience on the internet regardless of the type of business or niche.

While Facebook is also the largest social media platform with around 2 billion active users, the only difference is that you can get specific with Facebook ads, while on the other hand, Google PPC is truly based on keywords. 

2) Ads Quality

The quality of ads reflects the standard of your brand. Both Google and Facebook are brands, so you don’t have to fret about quality aspect here. 

On Google, your ads will look bolder, and you can post in ALL CAPS if you want. While on Facebook, you can make use of graphics and beautiful videos, so it’s totally up to your brand and its needs.

3) Audience Granularity- Google or Facebook?

Let’s face it! Around 80% of people use the internet daily, and around 65 % of people use both Google and Facebook daily. 

The difference is most users check their Facebook feeds multiple times per day and also use Google when they want to search for something. The situation is unpredictable here. 

4) Visual Effects 

Visual effects play a crucial role to gain wide exposure. Certainly, Google ads are simple, transparent, and meaningful. They have tried and are still experimenting with a lot of formatting of the text-based PPC ads. They have even added several extensions to make the ads more compelling. 

While on the other hand, Facebook ads are more creative and beautiful, which blend seamlessly with organic content.

5) Targeted Form

If your targeted audience is not listening, it’s not their mistake but yours. There is no doubt that you can easily target a large amount of audience with Google PPC but not a specific one.

While on the other hand, Facebook is more specific in terms of targeting. You can advertise to relevant or more appropriate people by selecting the age, interests, behavior, and location. 

6) Brand Awareness

Your brand is what other people say about you. The more familiar people are with your brand, the more it is likely that they will use your services and buy your products. 

Both Google and Facebook advertising will greatly help you improve your brand awareness. The ratio might vary at times, but both the sources will allow you to improve the brand value with the help of some meaningful SMM & SEM techniques.

8) Budget Concerns 

Budget is a crucial part of marketing & advertising campaigns. An ideal and budget-friendly marketing plan is a combination of the target market and your competitive position in that market. 

If you have a low budget or you want to go through test ads, then you can try out Facebook. While on the other hand, Google ads are equally profitable but are expensive as compared to Facebook ads.

9) Conversion Factor

Want to double your business profits? You have to double your conversion rate first. Although it is cheaper to advertise on Facebook than Google AdWords when it comes to conversion rate, it also tends to be lower with Facebook. 

We can say that it will show the results in time to come. But, it doesn’t mean that Facebook is not good. Both the platforms are good, but the result timings may vary just like the pricing.

10) Mobile Optimization 

In this high-tech world, a wide range of people tend to use handy devices like mobile rather than desktop and laptop. As people spend more time with their smartphones, so the ads should be mobile-friendly. 

Well, it is interesting to know that both Facebook and Google are optimized for full mobile advertising. They both offer a uniform experience when it comes to seeing ads on mobile. 

10) Website Traffic

If you are looking for a faster way to drive traffic, then you can either go for Google or Facebook advertising. In that category, both Facebook and Google advertising will help you boost the traffic to your website. 

To intensify the traffic of your website, you can run a website click campaign and drive your target audience to your website.

11) Incredible ROI

No wonder, you run a campaign to make profit and boost ROI. Businesses experimenting with Google and Facebook Ads often achieve a high conversion rate and ROI. 

Concluding Thoughts 

So these were some parameters of both Google and Facebook advertising. Now it’s clearly up to you which one you choose and which makes more sense for your business. Because in general, it is really difficult to choose the better between these two. From our point of view, both advertising platforms are clear winners. 

All we can say is that from an immediate sales point of view. Google Ads is better, and Facebook is awesome in terms of lead generation and gaining followers.
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