Using XSLT Variable – Modern and Efficient Programming Techniques

Using XSLT Variable – Modern and Efficient Programming Techniques

XSL means ‘EXtensible Stylesheet Language’ which is a language used in expressing the stylesheets. An XSL sheet is like a file location that describes how to display an XML Document of any particular type. And on the other hand XSLT is a language that is used to convert the XML document into another XML document or even to other formats such as HTML for web pages or even the plain text.  XSLT is mainly a language that is known to transform XML documents into XHTML docs or other XML document.

The Role of XSLT Variable in the Process

XSLT variable stores value that can be calculated or statically defined. The variable can be declared using (xsl:variable) element. Once the variable is declared, it can be referenced within an XPath expression using the name of the variable that is prefixed with a dollar sign ($). XSLT variables once set cannot be changed, thus you should set the value of the variable only when you declare the variable as after that the value get fixed.

The variable is initialized by including the ‘select’ attribute and an expression in the tag. These can be defined as both local and global variables. The variable is global if it's declared as a top-level element and it is local if it's declared within a template. One thing should always be kept in mind that once the value for the variable is set it cannot be changed further.

XSLT Tutorial – A Better Way to Understand XSLT Variable

Have you got a new project at work where you need to work on XSLT and now you are clueless about where to start? If you are facing problem to start with an XSLT template you certainly need to take the help of XSLT Tutorial to understand the complete process. An XSLT Tutorial is the right way for you to get familiar with the entire procedure that is to be followed to convert an XML document.

To transform your XML data using XSLT is a structural transformation of the data from the provided input to the preferred output structure. The XSLT tutorial can assist you in understanding the process in proper manner. There is a lot to learn when it comes to work on XSLT Template and choosing the right XSLT tutorial will cover all the necessary points about XSLT to get you rolling. Following are the five basic points that XSLT tutorial can guide you through:

  1. What Is XSLT:

Through XSLT tutorial you will get a better understanding about what is XSLT, how it allows you to transform an XML document into XML, HTML, XHTML, or even plain text documents. You will get an overview about the technologies used like XPath and much more.
  1. The Working Procedure of XSLT:

Through XSLT tutorial you will get the step by step outline of the entire process that is followed while working on XSLT.
  1. Getting Started with XSLT:

Working on XSLT Platform isn’t easy and before you start working on it you should at least know the basics. XSLT tutorial is the best way to get all your queries resolved.
  1. Working of XSLT in a Browser:

An XSLT processor is perhaps available to the desktop of your computers in the form of a web browser like Mozilla Version 1.4, or Mozilla Firebird 0.7, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Version 6 etc. All these browsers come with the inbuilt ability of client-side XSLT processing.

The only thing you need to know is the right way to apply an XSLT stylesheet to the document through processing instructions. This processing instruction also called PI permits you to include the instructions for an application in the given XML document. XSLT Tutorial can guide you through the most appropriate way to apply an XSLT stylesheet.

  1. Makes you Aware of Built - in Templates:

Built-in templates sometime behave abnormally and find nodes that are not specifically matched by a template rule on their own, and so may get results from an unexpected XSLT stylesheet. XSLT Tutorials gives you an idea about how you can keep yourself aware of Built-in templates. So, before starting with your new XSLT project seek the guidance of right XSLT Tutorial and get the most appropriate results.

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