Responsive Websites - One Site on Different Platforms

Responsive Websites - One Site on Different Platforms

In this era of tablets and smartphones the need of websites which are easily accessible on your mobile is evolving per diem. Responsive Websites Design is the perfect solution in this trend. As it’s a fact that SEO is the vital component of the internet marketing strategy but do not forget the need of a mobile friendly website.

Mobile is the new device for yielding sales and a source to outturn business as in this hustling life the number of desktop internet users is decreasing day by day. So there arises the need of responsive websites which are compatible on the computer systems and mobile as well. SEO is an unavoidable element in order to boost up your web visibility further which accounts for your sales.

So responsive websites are the ace option to go with when it comes to SEO strategies for mobile. Even the world’s largest search engine Google illustrates this web design is recommendable for their mobile configuration. The websites which are responsive have same URL and HTML irrespective of the device.

This lubricates the process of crawling, organizing the content and indexing for Google. Hence the Responsive Websites eliminates the need of indexing and crawling numerous versions of a particular website by Google. Google speaks well about responsive websites as it is channel which leverages sharing and interacting of the content present on this kind of websites as it has a single URL.

Single Website On Multiple Platforms

These websites takes you on a joyous ride of user experiences which could prove a business booster for you which is supported on several devices on varying screen dimensions. This is a feature of the responsive websites as it increases the accessibility of your website. A site compatible on a number of devices results into a positive user experience allusive to an individual mobile site whose access is only limited up to particular device with a specific screen size. Any user can continue browsing on the desktop when the user want to switch to the desktop from mobile without searching a different version of the same website

Responsive Website – A Well Manageable Website

It is much effortless task to manage a single site along with its promotional SEO campaign when we compare having different versions of the site for desktop and mobile. This proves the supremacy of Responsive Websites over a different mobile site. With this web design you can easily implement dynamic changes to the look and feel of your site based on the pillars of the size of the screen and its orientation of the device which is used for viewing that site.

The responsive websites employs break points in order to make out the structure and appearance of the website. That is one layout above while the other one below the break point depending upon the browser width. Conclusively the responsive websites allows the shuffling of the page elements in proportion to the growth or shrinking. These websites have eradicated the requirement of designing different versions of the same site.

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