Pros and Cons of IT Staff Augmentation And Outsourcing

Pros and Cons of IT Staff Augmentation And Outsourcing
What is Staff Augmentation?

After evaluating the current staff, a company identifies which additional skills would be required to implement a project. Through Staff Augmentation companies temporarily hire manpower to fulfill the required lacking skillset. This procedure reduces the stress and burden of hiring new permanent employees.

Identification of IT Staff Augmentation:

When companies hire employees temporarily or on a contract basis to execute short-term projects or tasks, this is identified as Staff Augmentation. This helps avoid employment procedures and additional salary duties. The company also outsources workers to other enterprises that need a temporary work-force, therefore playing the role of a sub-contractor.

Effectiveness of IT Staff Augmentation:

By inducing Staff Augmentation into the working of a company, growing operation cost is controlled for short-term operations and projects. Through Outsourcing, the company is able to concentrate on more projects at the same time, and this is also an opportunity to excel in the business.

Large scale firms apply the Augmentation or Outsource method overseas in those countries where labor or manpower is cheaper, and the availability of the experienced workforce is less. The main goal of this is to carry on with an existing batch of labor.

Importance of IT Staff Augmentation:

IT Staff Augmentation plays a vital role in temporary employment since experienced professionals are brought in to implement projects. Below are more reasons why it is crucial:
• This is mainly being implemented due to an abundance of IT resources.
• The decline in the need for these services in firms.
• In-house IT employees can fully concentrate on their core assignments.
• Projects can be implemented at the scheduled time, and hence, avoid any delay.
• Companies are able to make the most out of their investment in the particular software.
• Time management is more efficient.
• This is very time-saving for both the company and the projects.
• This network of Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing makes finding the apt resource easier.
• Track record of companies and agents providing human resources that are required is recorded and stored 

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation:

By practicing Staff Augmentation, a company benefits as it is less time consuming and the firm gets access to skilled and experienced staff on short-term requirements. Through this procedure, the company can focus on the overall growth and development of the business and meeting the IT needs.

For either increasing manpower of the company or outsourcing, usually the employees required are Technical writers, Software Engineers, IT Security consultants, App Developers, Project Managers, Database Managers, and other designations. Overhead costs like insurance, perks, paid leave, etc. reduces due to Staff Augmentation since the company does not hire permanent labor. More benefits include:
• Helps in cost management
• A time-saving procedure
• Employees are already skilled and experienced in the relevant field
• The organization's structure becomes stable
• Company saves on the benefits provided to permanent employees.
• Makes Scale Management more resilient.
• Control on over-staffing

Drawbacks of IT Staff Augmentation:

With pros come along cons. Here are some drawbacks of IT Staff Augmentation:
• Though the manpower is highly-skilled and experienced, they still need updating and training for the authorized projects.
• If the internal working of a company has shortcomings, then the Augmented Staff will also be affected.
• This will lead to the requirement of management heads since the Augmented staff adds to the in-house permanent staff.
• The success and failure of the project completely depend on the accuracy of the company, planning, and implementation and not on the employees who come through the procedure of Staff Augmentation.

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