Patient Management Software Features and Benefits in Healthcare IT Industry

Patient Management Software Features and Benefits in Healthcare IT Industry
A Patient Management software is a software that acquires medical information from medical devices and helps in the diagnosis of a patient. It can be considered as a medical device that contributes to the treatment of the patient by providing proper treatment and replacing the decision by a physician. 

It is also called Clinic Management Software (CMS) and handles the administrative tasks of the office while storing Electronic Health Records (EHR) of patients. It can be used by healthcare facilities, clinics, and practitioner offices. Several patent management software are available for dentists, practitioners, and other healthcare professionals. 

Features of Patient Management Software 

1. Patient Intake Forms 

A Patient management software creates customizable forms for patients to fill their appointment online or offline. It also collects insurance eligibility and has a response flow into any encounter notes. It generates electronic intake of appointments before their visit. After the patient arrives, he/she can check-in electronically. 

The wait time can also be tracked by the system to track performance analysis. After the appointment is over, the software automates the checkout process, including patient-followup appointment scheduling. 

2. Medical Billing

Patient Management Software tracks records of payment information. When a patient checks-in medical billing verifies insurance and ensures that everyone gets an equal payment, it also automates the billing process and payment collection. In case the payment is missed, it also notifies payment reminders, and patients can pay online through the software. 

3. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

It stores and accesses patient files electronically. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) includes a charting module that records and archives patient data that comprises the latest prescriptions, former diagnoses, and lab test results. 

4. Scheduling

The most important feature of PMS is scheduling. With scheduling, patients can book appointments online through a patient portal. Furthermore, they can reschedule and cancel their appointments through the system. After the appointment is scheduled, the software then sends reminders via message, text, or phone call. 

Scheduling software can send alerts when appointments are due. Some PMS software allows the staff and physicians to schedule appointments in the same system so that they don’t have to switch between different systems. 

Benefits of Patient Management Software (PMS)

It offers several benefits to healthcare providers, be it big or small. For instance, it streamlines different elements of the medical office, like charting, billing functions, and record keeping. 

Here are other benefits associated with PMS. 

1. Offers Timely Care to Patients

When a patient visits a doctor, they expect to receive care within a limited time. They do not care about the administrative tasks and look for the easiest plan to check-in and check out. The Patient Management System makes patients feel secure by giving them control over the information they are providing. 

2. Stay HIPAA Compliant

Adhering to medical standards is a difficult task and requires different software. It doesn’t automatically make your organization HIPAA compliant. The software can keep your medical practice HIPAA compliant by providing PCI Compliance, online employee training, and securing cloud data backup. 

3. Day-to-Day Operations

The software streamlines several tasks. As a result, the members see improvements that deliver better results. Patients who receive care from healthcare experts share the feedback and experience with their friends. With PMS, healthcare professionals can increase their patient capacity while providing quality care. Thus, more patients mean more profit. 

How Patient Management Software Differs from Medical Practice Management Software

People believe that Patient Management software can be interchangeably used for Medical Practice Management Software. However, these terms are nearly identical; they have different functions. Medical PMS offers a patient portal so they can schedule appointments and handle the finances of medical practice. 

On the other hand, a PMS has functionalities related to the patient. It includes lab results and asking questions to health professionals based on their health. On the backend, the professionals can use PMS to look for health records for patient information. 

Best PMSs That Provide Advanced Features to Healthcare Professionals


This patient management software solves problems that arise for healthcare clinicians and administrators. ClinicTracker automates clinic routines and increases billing efficiency. Furthermore, it creates a schedule for groups and organizes staff. 

It features centralized scheduling, payroll functions, custom outcome measures, system security, patient educational resources, and an executive dashboard. It is an integrated EHR and practice management software that manages everything right from appointment to discharge. 


It is software that helps healthcare experts and health centers in reducing unnecessary paper and enhances care for patients. It is designed to work for varieties of medical practices. Furthermore, it also supports multiple practices at different locations and providers. It saves time with two-way-patient-to-practice communication. It views patient’s data at once with a Clinical Dashboard. MicroMD EMR also saves pictures, anatomical diagrams with annotation. 

Next, it customizes EMR/EHR with ease with specialty content. This software is designed to manage anesthesiology billing for multiple practices. Also, it makes scheduling easy and gives healthcare professionals control to manage patient visits smoothly. The MicroMD module boosts the degree of control over claims and controls the account receivable. With this patient management software, medical practices manage the lab and other types of data. 


Medisoft supports independent physicians and is a proven practice that delivers scheduling and billing functionality along with revenue management. It is a fully-featured billing software designed to help startups. It provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App and offers code and charge entry. 


It is the best medical practice management solution and provides office workflow optimization. It is ANSI 5010 compliant and manages the scheduling and billing. The new Lytec features patient information at the fingertips. It customizes appointment schedules and moves credit workflow to reduce manual tasks and risks. 

Furthermore, it eliminates patient records with a new checking feature. It checks for possible duplicates before saving the patient demographics so that the entry time is not wasted. It also keeps staff productive and happy with appointment schedules. 


MedEZ provides clinical solutions for inpatient and outpatient programs. This software is an administrative system and provides extensive coordination with different levels of facility operations. It also has medical appointment tracking that can be installed on the computer. It automates medical scheduling at your healthcare facility. 

The appointment software is capable of MultiCare healthcare physicians. It also provides a side-by-side view of doctors to schedule appointments efficiently. 

Furthermore, it is an important part of medical software and provides a list of patients that physicians would see and allow to make notes of patients for their appointment. It automates the operations of Healthcare Management Centers with the existing software. 

Binary Spectrum

This healthcare solution offers EMR/EHR, billing and coding, medical record copy, and more. It eliminates the cost of maintaining records and increases revenue by converting the chat rooms to Exam rooms. It also provides accurate coding through templates and coding features. It features pre-authorization and dosage, lab order tracking, clinical charting, progress notes, and medical billing software. 


It is a patient management software that optimizes individual patient journeys while supporting back-office processes. The management tool provides the workflow necessary to complete the patient visit. It checks in management and plans and schedules for self-service tools and OR planners. 


It is internet-based medical billing software that serves clients by shortening their reimbursement cycles. It also increases efficiency and provides detailed reports on collection aging and revenue trends. It is more secure than Web-based medical billing software. NueMd can be accessed online from anywhere. 

SafeGait Patient Management Software 

It allows physical therapists to create treatment plans and to track patient performance by session. It is designed to work specifically with ceiling-mounted physical therapy systems. This software tracks movement 2500 times per second. 

Final Words

Patient Management Software provides facilities to healthcare organizations. It enhances the quality of service, offers timely care to patients, and eases day-to-day operations. At Covetus, we provide custom PMS solutions for different businesses and enable you to get the best experience while delivering exceptional results. 
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