The Features & Benefits of eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record)

The Features & Benefits of eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record)
eMAR is an Electronic Medication Administration Record technology that automatically documents the administration of medication into certified EHR technology using radio frequency identification and other electronic tracking sensors. 

In today’s era, different software and other technologies in the market are offering great services to the industries. The medical industry is not an exception. With the use of eMAR, healthcare experts could help patients in delivering accurate results with minimal errors. It has touch screen capabilities and user-defined rules. 

Let us know about eMAR in-depth with its features. 

What Do You Understand by eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration)?

eMAR is an Electronic Medication Administration solution that reduces the time spent on documentation. It is reported that hospitals that have used eMAR have documented nearly a 35% reduction in errors and over 45% reduction in documentation time. When experts use eMAR, they can document vital signs and other observations. 

Furthermore, alerts are displayed if clinical actions should be taken. The alerts are displayed on the screen that is shared via email or other means. The Status Board that displayed on the monitor highlights the room numbers where patients have overdue medications or if they need medications. 

A streamlined medication administration allows healthcare experts to see a patient’s data in a more clear and advanced format using graphs and charts. eMAR is an electronic medical record software that ensures the medication is administered reliably. With eMAR, the professionals and patients have an exact picture of medication issued. Data in eMAR is completely secure and backed-up. 

People who are managing it have a brief of activity and complete accountability of the data. The time spent by the staff in everyday activities is saved. Additionally, it speeds up the process for patients and doctors. It also abides by federal regulations developed by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. 

The barcoding used in eMAR is the same as you see in supermarkets. It also requires less manual entry and eliminates the need for paper prescriptions. 

Let us now know the benefits of eMAR and other services offered in the healthcare industry.

Benefits Offered by eMAR To Healthcare Services

eMAR is simple to use and straight forward. Other benefits of eMAR are as follows: 

1. The physicians or nurses can instantly view the late MED passes. Plus, management reports are generated in less time to meet the regulatory requirements. 
2. It provides more accurate medication records and a patient’s history for quick scanning. 
3. It improves the efficiency of care homes. It automates medication and effectively manages the collection and reporting of data. Furthermore, the home staff can save records and view them later. 
4. From documenting to administering, medication errors can occur anytime. With eMAR, the chances of errors are reduced, and no dosage is missed. 
5. Without eMAR, the staff spends most of their time searching the paper and going through other documents. Due to this, they can’t focus on other important things. Hospitals or healthcare providers that use eMAR get more time to focus on the patient’s care. 
6. Without eMAR, the workers become responsible for managing the medication for the patients. Sometimes, this causes them stress. However, if you are using eMAR, then you don’t have to worry about the medication time and arrangement of the patient’s records. It offers transparency between the experts and nurses, and the data can be accessed through the EMR anytime. It is intuitive and simple to use. 
7. It has a user-friendly interface, and anyone can access the patient’s information when needed. It includes secure data back-up and privacy. Therefore, confidential information is secured and can’t be accessed by those who have no permission. 

Features of Electronic Medication Administration Record

Look at the key features that eMAR offers and benefit the care homes. 

1. Alerts

This feature ensures that the medication dosage is not missed. The alert feature notifies the professionals when the medicine is due. It includes patient details, medicine dosage, and other important details. This way, any health worker would know which patient requires which medicine and at what time. Plus, it sends email reminders if the dosage is missed. 

2. Easy Reporting

When you do not have any healthcare tool, it becomes difficult to manage patient reports. With eMAR, the experts and nurses could prepare monthly reports in less time. Furthermore, they can also make reports of weeks and months in a day. 

3. Notes

eMAR keeps track of the records made by staff members. The app records medication notes and makes them available at the time of need. 

It is flexible and schedules tasks and reminders for caregivers. It also has a secure login with custom security settings. 

4. Audits

Managing the patient’s report is a daunting task. Giving medicine at the right time, taking care of reports, and other things take time. With eMAR, you don’t have to do anything manually. It integrates the data with software and sends requests on a real-time basis. 

Challenges Experienced While Using eMAR

Different methods used in healthcare have their pros and cons. Some limitations of eMAR are: 

1. In the eMAR system, the data is already stored; therefore, the physicians do not do their research and rely on the data provided by the eMAR system. 
2. Some professionals might think that the data stored digitally could be compromised on networks. 

Final Words

If you are new into the field, go for eMAR to get the services done in the most efficient way and with minimum errors. 

When it comes to healthcare services, always choose a company that uses the latest technologies & know in-depth about every health-related tool. We, at Covetus, have a dedicated team of experts who work on the latest technologies and assure you to be at the top of your game.  
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