How is Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report (PHMR) Facilitating the Healthcare IT?

How is Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report (PHMR) Facilitating the Healthcare IT?
If you are into the healthcare industry, then you must be aware of the term- Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report (PHMR). It is a document that carries patient measurement data recorded by consumer medical devices. It helps personal healthcare monitors to transfer monitored patient data to electronic health records. 

Personal healthcare monitoring report targets HIS vendors, EHR and equipment vendors, public health laboratories, and disease management organizations. The main reason why PHMR is designed is for the automated reporting of measurements taken by PCHA (Personal Connected Healthcare Alliance) Compliant and PHM devices that are used outside of the healthcare provider facilities. 

Examples of consumer devices that are required include weight scales, thermometers, pulse oximeters, and others. The data is transmitted as raw data and is provided by a disease management service provider. It may contain a representation of notes, measurements captured by other devices, and summaries. It is defined by HL7 to carry monitoring information to EHR and includes representation of the data captured by devices. 

Development Background of PHMR

The implementation guide is an important component in support of IHE and RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) of patients. In the RPM, the data is provided to the PHMR content creator directly via the PHM device. 

The entire set of data from the PHCA compliant PHM device to the PHMR content is standardized. The demographic data that is necessary for the PHMR document is not provided by devices through any protocol and is given by the patient’s representative. 

The Need for Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report

Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report is the collection of data on different components of health. Health components are considered to be important if they cover health issues and other health trends related to costs and numbers. The goal of the monitoring report is to communicate the state of health of a population and to support the different phases of healthcare planning. 

Without monitoring, health monitoring cannot influence the policy process. The monitoring reports can take many forms, like brochures and reports. It is observed that the data collected for the healthcare report is taken from administrative sources like health insurers data and disease registries. 

Benefits of Using Personal Healthcare Monitoring Report

At present, the healthcare industry spends millions annually to save the patient’s report and other related information. Luckily, we are living in an era where digitization is helping us in several ways. It has reduced human efforts and also makes data accessible from anywhere. 

Let us now read a few benefits of using PHMR in the healthcare industry. 

1. The Development of Automated Interfaces

PHMR allows the development of automated interfaces between EHR systems and other data monitoring services. Furthermore, it helps personal healthcare monitors to remotely patient data to the EHR. 

2. Disease Monitoring

The healthcare insights found in the report helps in placing surveillance on large disease outbreaks. It uses the past and the present metrics to make sure that the correct course of action is taken into consideration. 

3. Cut Down Extra Costs 

Healthcare reports make healthcare operations more efficient. The reports collect and analyze the metrics related to the healthcare expenditure in different areas and then make a substitution based on trust. 

4. Data on Individual Basis

Healthcare report allows the healthcare professionals to check on individual patient’s history. Through this, a doctor can advise his/her patient on maintaining a healthy lifestyle depending on biometric vitals. 

5. Patient Safety and Satisfaction

Healthcare organization’s priority is to take care of the patient and to provide a deeper look at the satisfaction level based on the nutrition and processes. 

Valuable satisfaction based metrics would make significant changes in the organization. Plus, this would improve the satisfaction levels regularly. 

6. Improves Patient’s Lifestyle and Makes Healthcare More Accessible

Patient monitoring report allows the healthcare experts to reach out to potential patients. Some people can’t go to the clinic for certain reasons, but with the patient monitoring report, the healthcare professionals could take care of the patient from home. 

Furthermore, the reports could inform patients about health deterioration in an emergency. 

Challenges Faced While Using PHMR

1. It is Not Available for All

Patient monitoring report requires great connectivity, which might not be achieved by hospitals located in a rural area. Also, it is important for everyone to have a smartphone and to use modern gadgets. 

2. The Need for Healthcare Software

Still, not many healthcare apps are designed to monitor the patient’s reports. Sometimes it is a lack of privacy when it comes to confidential medical records. Here are a few key points that you should note regarding data security and privacy in healthcare

Final Words

In the context of remotely monitoring patients, you need a report that should include a patient’s health status and such as glucose levels and other health details. The exchange of a patient’s vital signs and medical practice is the foremost step to enable health practice. The PHMR is the final stage of the reporting sequence. 
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