How a Successful Business Uses Animation in UI Design?

How a Successful Business Uses Animation in UI Design?

In today’s scenario, the User Interface (UI) is playing a crucial role in app designing and development. Animations used in user interfaces have become a hot topic nowadays. While some who think animation as an unnecessary feature, others find it as a prominent part of interaction experience. Therefore, designers and developers have started working more on the latest and sophisticated methods so that they could make animation a problem-solving feature of any website. 

Have you ever wondered why users find animation attractive? This might be because animation could be customized, and most importantly, it makes you feel closer to the object and lets you interact with that object in real life. This makes any user satisfied. The app designers are readily adopting the latest trends in designing concepts and using them to grab user’s attention and for customer retention. 

Animation in User Interface design has brought several changes as the images you see today are not motionless; instead, they have become interactive. 

Why Is Animation Important in UI Design?

Animated graphics are powerful than traditional images and videos. This could be one of the reasons why designers are incorporating animation while they build a mobile app user interface. When it comes to an excellent UX design, the animation could do wonders for a business. It infers functionality, connects people easily, and encourages more shares. 

A few years ago, when websites notified you with pop-ups and flashing ads, people used to avoid user interface that used animations. But this has changed a lot in the meantime. Nowadays, every tiny detail of designing and development or animation makes a difference in apps and websites. 

Animation in UI gets the viewer’s attention. It makes the interface real to users through movements. Also, it provides feedback indicating that the commands (sitting, standing, and more) are received. 

Make Your User Interface Attractive and Interactive with Animation

You can’t deny that visuals are the foremost tool for interactive design. While some think visual representations are the second element of interactive design, but in several ways, it is first. You should note that if the user interface is not attracting viewers, then there is no sense in designing the interface. 

Before starting any application, ask yourself why people would download your app? Remember that people would not download your app if they did not find anything attractive in it. Here animation becomes important to embed in the app. 

Be it an educational or a gaming app, animation should be used interestingly. Through animation, users connect easily and learn the concept in a better way. 

How is Animation Enhancing the Experience of Users?

Animation determines whether the users would spend time on your website or not. Initially, people thought animation to be time-consuming and an unnecessary tool to be implemented. But over time, the perception of people has changed, and animation has become a crucial part of UI designing services in the iPhone app and Android development. Here’s how animation is improving the user’s experience.

1. Animation Makes the Waiting Time Interesting

What do you do when a website runs slowly, or you get a pop up that please wait while the website is still loading? You close the tab and look for a new website. Everyone hates waiting. There are a few users who are patient enough to wait around while a website or app is loading. 

With animation, you could make waiting time interesting. This obviously would not reduce the waiting time but could keep your viewers hooked to pay attention to your website or an app. 

2. Instantly Grab Attention

Nothing could be better than informing about something in an interactive way. Animation grabs user attention and could be used to notify the users about new posts or messages. Moving animations could attract users in a better way than simple designs. 

3. Locate Things What Users Couldn’t See

The animation is an excellent way to explain where things are when users couldn’t see. Sometimes it happens when a user looks for the home button and the gallery on a website. 

With animation, you could give directions about where to go and what to do next. Rather than using animation abruptly, use it to navigate users. With the animation, users could do a smooth transaction.

4. Changes User Response Positively

If your website or an app is good in design, then people would love to give feedback. This would make you feel that you are connecting with real elements on the screen, and this is the result of the interaction. For instance, you could use buttons on the website. When the user clicks on it, it automatically responds to user actions. 

5. Shows System Status

When you are into a business, it becomes important and necessary for the business owners to keep their clients updated with their site. Use animation to load your site, for notifications, and also when you are updating the client. 

How to Make Your User Interface Attractive and Unique?

Your business website should have an awesome User Interface. Start with the designing of font and color choices and then move towards other essential components. 

With extreme competition in the market to get users’ attention, UI has become a significant tool to satisfy the users. Here’s how you could make your user interface creative while giving users an experience worth remembering. 

1. Know the User

Your priority should be to focus on the user. Understand what the user wants and expects to see on the website. Then try to find the ways a user will be using it. Find who could be your potential users through formal research methods and informal ways. 

Right in the beginning, set goals for your interface. Ask yourself why the user would engage with it? What could be the alternatives, and so on? Plan out your interface and then test on real users to find if it is working fine or not. 

2. Make the Page Layouts More Concise and Clear

Remember that the more user-friendly your app and website would be, the more users would connect with you. Users should easily locate what they are looking for without putting effort. 

Intuitive designs help users in navigating the website and using the features of the site. It enables the users to do their tasks easily without looking out for the steps on how they will do so. 

3. Ensure that Your Default Setting is Useful

Most of the users do not look over the default settings and additional features on the interface. Therefore, you should keep the default settings functional and useful. If users didn’t find the default settings great, then this could affect the website negatively. 

4. Use Loading Sequences to Keep the Users Busy and Interested

Most users expect a website to load in 2-3 seconds. If it takes more, they start getting frustrated. Some even leave and open a new website. A little delay in your website speed could result in an 8-10% reduction in consumer conversions. 

Loading time is important for any website or app, use animation indicating how much time is left. This could keep users engaged and interested in your website or program. 

5. Present the Icons Clearly

Clear & to the mark features are crucial to make a UI engaging. Users usually ignore or avoid the icons on the website if they find them irrelevant or do not know what they represent. 

So it is necessary to present a UI in a way that looks appropriate for users who are scrolling and browsing the website to access the information they want. Ensure that users do not feel lost by design or through the overall presentation. Also, remember these points while creating a minimalistic UI design for mobile apps. 

Final Thoughts 

A brilliant user interface and an excellent design are key to a successful business. Great animation in the user interface design would positively affect your business. But don’t forget that a bad user interface could also impact your online presence. 

So, this was all about why animation is important in UI Design. If you are planning to start a website or an app, make sure that you use animation to attract viewers and become the best of all. Animation helps in increasing targeted traffic in a better way than traditional text-based content. Also, it is the best and a great tool to attract large numbers of users. You could also try these web design fundamentals to attract more customers. 

But before you use animation in the user interface design, make sure that animated videos and images would suit your business needs. Do not only use it if your competitors have come up with this idea, or it is trending. The animation is a powerful tool and increases audience retention rates. 

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