7 Points That Prove Why a Responsive Website is a Profitable Investment

7 Points That Prove Why a Responsive Website is a Profitable Investment
This is the era where every moment technology is modernizing, and so are the concepts of web designing. Yes, they are rapidly changing every day. Newer ideas, developer platforms, designing tools and technologies, and Software Development Kit (SDKs) are coming up to help the developers and designers around the world. And, at the same place, responsive web development is one of the most talked-about concepts ever.

Almost all of the organizations, website owners, web designers, and developers are becoming interested in this amazing designing concept. And, the reason behind it is to optimize their online presence and increase sales as well as revenue. This implies how it’s a great investment for a business owner, as he/she would not only make money by it but would also get more conversions from a responsive website.

However, to understand its benefits to organizations, it is very important to know what responsive web design is. So, let’s first discuss it.

What is a Responsive Website?

In simple words to understand, a user-friendly website, where the users don’t face any problem in navigating through the site on any device, is what we call a responsive website.

However, you should know that a responsive website is a lot different from a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website is a site that will look good on mobile devices only. But it might possess difficulties and can be harder to navigate when viewed on other devices, especially with a higher resolution.

Whereas, a responsive website is a type of web design that enables your website to adjust to any screen size, according to the device resolution.

That means it could be easily viewed on say, a desktop, or a tablet, obviously, a phone, etc. and most importantly, the users won’t ‘notice any difference’ in your site’s general appearance on different screens.

So, in all, you can say it’s as easy to use the responsive website on mobile devices as it is on tablet and desktop. No pinching or horizontal scrolling needed. Instinctively, it adjusts to the gadget on which it’s being seen. Hence it’s incredible on any devices, like mobile, tablet, and desktop by web design Bangkok.

Some expert developers say that designing a responsive website is the art of optimizing the layout of a website such that all the contents are presented in an optimal viewing way.

Why Have a Responsive Website?

A simple answer to this query is, if your website is not responsive, then it won’t be accessible to the 84 million smart device users. Yes, all you need is to think about is this part of the world which you might be losing as your important customers.

If we talk technically, Google ranks responsive websites above any non-responsive website. That means Google always recommends responsive design. Another good reason is that responsive sites have one URL and a similar HTML that makes it easy for Google to drag, index, and organize the content.

That implies content that lives on one side and one URL is considerably easy for the clients to interact with, share, and link to than the web content that resides on a different mobile website.

Reasons Prove That Having A Responsive Website Is Great

There is no doubt that the usage of devices like smartphones and tablets, the mobile phone is increasing day by day. And so do the mobile device usage, via games, apps, social media, and websites. It means it is now essential that your business website is mobile-friendly so that your customers, clients, and prospects can easily browse and find information, despite what type of device (phone, desktop,  tablet, etc.) they are using.

So, here are the reasons to explore why having a responsive website is a great investment for your business, nowadays!

1.  Google Recommends It

May we already mentioned this one but probably this is one of the most important reasons to use responsive design. Yes, because according to Google it’s the preferred method. And, as the eery business owner knows that 84% of searches online are done on Google. So, if they want to be seen by their market, that it’s wisest to be found on Google. They set their algorithm to give preference to websites that provide a good user experience and responsive website comes under it. They highly prefer sites that use one URL rather than multiple (that might happen when you’re running both a web and a mobile version). That means you could still rank below your competitors in basic Google search, if you’ve done everything on your site right, except using responsive design. Without a doubt,  finding your website on Google and being able to navigate it easily will lead to higher conversion rates.

2. Multiple Versions Of Any Site Are Terrible For SEO

This is also something we have talked about earlier while discussing kinds of mobile-friendly sites. Every time you’re offered a mobile experience or a “full” or “desktop” site, it implies that the company is running multiple versions of their website. However, due to this search engines might hassle that which version of your site to rank, and there is a high probability that it won’t show different versions of the same content in search results. Basically, this can harm your site’s rankings and can affect the amount of organic traffic driven to your site.

And, this is the reason why the leading SEO consultants, are promoting the internet investors to invest in responsive websites. This makes both SEO &  marketing simpler than ever and these websites also seem to do very well with the response from the audiences.

3.  If Your Page Is Slow, 39% Of People Will Close It

The images are everything, for many businesses.For example shopping sites. But one has to remember one thing that if one is up to buying something online, they can buy it from multiple places. It means people have other options if one site isn’t delivering. And, this is where responsive sites work best. Yes, with a responsive design you can be sure they’ll load correctly, despite the fact that you have one image or hundreds. Plus this indicates that your customer won’t snap away.

4. A Better User Experience

One can find multiple ways while creating a mobile version of your site. And, the most common is the “Mobile Friendly” site. That assures that the site will display accurately on devices such as phones or tablets, though it will look minute. Well, this could be a frustrating experience for people with small phone screens because they’ll end up losing a lot of details.

And, the more superior version of it is a “Mobile Optimized” website. It is one specific mobile experience which allows larger navigation buttons, optimized images, and reformatted content. But, most of these sites offer to let you still view the desktop version. It is typical because the mobile version only offers a fraction of the content of the larger site. So, here one needs a responsive design. Because with that it doesn't matter what size the device is, your website will display perfectly.  no zooming in to click on a menu plus no clicking to another site.

In all, you got the opportunity to brag that your site is the simplest to navigate, has cool features, regardless of whether it is seen on a desktop, mobile or tablet device. According to a survey around 85% of adults actually, believe that a mobile site must be as good as its desktop version if can’t be better.

5. Lower Cost And Website Maintenance

This is one of the most significant benefits of using a responsive website. Because as compared to running two versions of one website it offers you a lower maintenance cost.

This might be relatively expensive in the beginning. But the reduced cost of maintaining two separate websites does compensate that amount.

Moreover, it’s setup time is comparatively low as it’s easier to maintain one responsive website than managing two different versions of the same site.

Plus using a responsive website make us free and give more time to dedicate to other important areas of your business. And, to drive traffic to your website, you could also offer tailored location-based offers.

Well, if you are looking for a start, you can access website design offers that are visually appealing and ready for all devices.

6. Future Scalability

Gadgets are updating day by day so the need for Responsive design. As only a responsive website offers you the most obvious opportunity to support latest gadgets and screens even in the future. That means you won’t have to redesign your site with every new gadget in the environment.

In simple words, Responsive websites are as like as a liquid. Yes, they can easily scale up or down as expected tp best fit the screen used to get to the site. That means a responsive site will always be ready to meet every new gadget hit the market, with different screen sizes unlike what we have seen before, with an outline and the best experience ever. In all this can deal with whatever screen sizes they toss at us.

7. Here to Stay

Are you thinking a responsive website is something like a trend which may vanish? Then you are totally wrong! Even the facts and studies showing that mobile and tablet usage will grow exponentially in the next three years. So, obviously one will need a responsive website anyhow. And, make sure that not updating to this revolutionary change can leave you behind, and can also affect your business badly.

Final Words

In all, we can say, investing in a responsive website or redesigning an existing website to make it mobile responsive is definitely worth its costs nowadays. This year, we’re just preparing ourselves for the shift in mobile usage. Because regardless of whether the user is on his smartphone, tablet, or laptop, having a mobile responsive website prepares us for what’s ahead in this digital age. Plus, making your SEO strategies easier to achieve, this makes a huge impact on search engine optimization and eventually delivering speedy results.

Moreover, if you should think about saving money later by investing in the designers now, you’re smart enough. Because it will take a lot more money to hire an RWD-expert in the near future. That’s why investing in developing a responsive website could be the best choice for your organization.

So, Don't Think Much And Try Getting A Responsive Website Now!
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