Urgent Care Apps And Their Growing Demand & Popularity in the Healthcare IT Field

Urgent Care Apps And Their Growing Demand & Popularity in the Healthcare IT Field
Nowadays, the healthcare industry is growing in popularity for several reasons. Firstly, it has made it easier to track a patient’s health with different apps. Also, it is saving healthcare experts and patients time by tracking health status from anywhere. The healthcare experts use mobile devices with the latest technologies like the cloud and deliver new ways of health services. 

The world we are living in has become dependent on technologies. The best example of it is healthcare. The field has given a new dimension to patients and experts through healthcare apps. The apps are showing the innovation and need in the industry when patients are using them to know the insights about their health and to save their time. Healthcare Mobile apps are revolutionizing the healthcare industry in several ways. They provide healthcare data instantly from anywhere. They also reduce waiting times in the emergency ward. 

Furthermore, it also reminds you of taking medicine on time. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for patients to keep records of medicines to take them on time. With the help of healthcare apps, they get instant medical advice and other information when needed. Let us know more about these urgent care apps, their market growth, and how they are benefitting the healthcare industry. 

The Market Size of Urgent Care Apps

It is expected that the urgent care apps market size would reach nearly $9 billion by 2027. According to a report by Grand View Research Inc., the need for smartphone connectivity is growing the demand for healthcare. 

Furthermore, sudden disorders like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disorders have also raised the demand for healthcare via the digital medium. With the growing number of hospitals that started using digital platforms, the need for shifting to digital platforms has also increased. 

To provide the best care to patients: the majority of healthcare organizations are making the best use of urgent care apps to deliver the best services to patients and to arrange the appointment at the earliest. 

Nowadays, the scenario has completely changed, and the credit goes to the development of healthcare apps. The apps are improving the condition of the healthcare industry. It is expected that the healthcare industry will become one of the best revenue contributors and will reach a figure of nearly $60 billion in 2020. The urgent care apps are boon for healthcare experts and patients. 

In 2019, the urgent care market size was valued at around $600 million, and it's speculated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 40% from 2020 to 2028. These apps are shifting consumers from traditional treatment to digital devices. The increase in severe conditions like trauma and other diseases has improved the use of urgent care apps. 

Benefits of Urgent Care Apps 

The benefits offered by these apps for the medicinal dosage and check-ups are contributing to the growth of the healthcare sector. Also, the demand for trauma care is increasing among older people, and thus, increasing the chances of severe injuries like head trauma and hip fractures. 

The increasing government initiatives and private companies making people aware of healthcare services are also making a strong impact on market growth and would reach a figure of nearly $60 billion in 2020. 

Urgent care apps are beneficial in handling medical conditions that need an immediate response. They act as a pathway for medical conditions that require instant actions. Also, they offer low-cost options for health conditions, such as cardiac diseases and pregnancy. 

You can see multiple cases where these urgent care apps have helped a patient and boosted the growth of the market. The use of smartphones with 4G networks has reflected positively on the need for the urgent care apps market. These apps are useful, especially for older people who need immediate help during emergencies. By type, these apps are divided into post-hospital apps, emergency care triage apps, and others. 

They are further divided into care provider communication apps and collaboration apps. In 2017, the post-hospital apps accounted for the largest share of the market. Based on the clinical areas, the urgent care apps market is segmented into cardiac conditions, stroke, and other clinical areas. 

The cardiac condition is expected to be the fastest-growing segment owing to the benefits of urgent care apps. On a regional basis, the Middle East and Africa, Asia, Europe, and America are the major markets for urgent care apps. In the coming years, the use of smartphones would raise awareness about healthcare apps.  

Final Words 

Over the years, the healthcare industry is growing in popularity around the world. Be it a delivery of a patient report or finding the best doctor nearby, the healthcare sector is helping patients and health experts in every way. 

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