7 Tips and Tricks to Make Customers the Hero of Your Brand Story

7 Tips and Tricks to Make Customers the Hero of Your Brand Story
We all know how much Content marketing is important nowadays. And, that’s not just because it works for generating leads, building trust, and cultivating customer loyalty, but also because it has become the new way to reach users directly.

Besides that, the number one reason why content marketing is important is that your customers appreciate it. Yes, and if we talk about the stats, content marketing drives around six times higher conversion rates, generates three times as many leads as outbound marketing, and has the potential for a 7.8-fold boost in web traffic. Maybe it sounds tragic, but it’s true. Many businesses don’t see the return on investment they’re hoping for.

And, one of the major reasons for this is that content professionals who are into writing jobs like Content Writer, Copywriter, Content Strategist, especially in marketing teams of these businesses believe they’re the star of the show. Most importantly, they all have this misconception that people are using their services or buying their products because their company is very amazing.

Hence the entire marketing team keeps launching the ad campaigns that set the standards that the company as the hero is coming to save the day. And due to this, they lose millions. It is very important to understand that the problem with this is that your customers aren’t living your story because they’re also living their own story. So that means, in the story of a customer, only they’re the hero.

Trust us, what people do is they write copy thinking that they need to convince the reader or viewer or listener that they can deliver the goods. But here the mistake that the author doesn’t understand is that it’s not about them in reality. It is very important to understand that it’s not about you; it’s about the reader. Yes, it’s about what problem you solve for them or what difference you bring in their lives? Or think about how your customers do feel after they listen or read what you’ve said?

So, the goal of this article is to make you understand that your customer is the hero and make them feel better. And guess what, it’s not that hard, especially when you understand the fact that what people are receiving from your end.

Make Your Customers ‘The Hero’

It’s the guide and the brand, the character in a story that helps the hero win the day. So, this is the responsibility of brands and leaders to be Guides. And, being in that position, it is our responsibility to help our customers win the day.

And, this is where your products & services come in. It could be said that they’re like Batman’s utility belt. It provides him with the tools he needs to win the day and those that make him a hero. Likewise, your consumers or users already consider that they are the only heroes. But still, there is one thing that they don’t that is if you know what they’re going through.

Don’t forget that almost every hero has a deep desire, like something they want. But some problems for sure are getting in their way, which are preventing them from getting what they want.

So, this is the reason why they’re on your website. Yes, all they are doing is looking for a solution. Hence try to reach their hearts by telling them what they’re going through and how you can help them.

1. Make Them Believe That You Know What They Want

At the very first, think about how your customers’ lives will be after they use your product or services. Because that’s what they’re after. Think once again, do you sell a drill? You need to help your customers to imagine the things they can build. Besides that, help your customers see how safe their work/data will be.

People will connect with you and trust you to help them solve their problems only when they will see that you understand their deepest desires as only they’re seeking a solution to their problem.

2. Mention the Problem You Think Your Customers are Experiencing

As we mentioned, the only reason one looks towards your website is that they’re looking for a solution to a problem. Many companies are making this mistake that they don’t talk about the problem they solve. And, such an incomplete conversation with the customers leaves it without context and a connection.

Keep in mind that solutions don’t simply exist. There is a reason behind its existence. Yes, because a solution without a problem is of no meaning. It’s vague.

Moreover, when you mention about the problem your service or product solves, it has context. And only this way, your customers bond with you. They might be thinking:

“Amazing! Finally, someone knows what I want! And finally, someone knows what I’m going through! Someone understands my problem, so they must have a solution to it.”

Your customers connect with you and trust you to solve their problems when you talk about the problem your customers are living with and looking for a solution.

3. Let Them Know How are You Going to Solve Their Problems

Almost every business has a sob story about their struggle that how many hours it took to design the perfect product or how hard it was to get started.

Believe us that your customers don’t care about your story because all your customers want to know if they can trust you when it comes to you. And, this is it. You can solve their problem or not; only this matters to them at most.

A mistake that many companies are doing is they talk about their products as if it’s the customer’s job to solve the company’s problem. And, if this way, they lead towards product descriptions that do nothing more than telling the customer how nuisance the company is. And we need to avoid this.

a. To Change Your Marketing, Change Your Mindset

Well, having traditional thinking is good but not with the stereotypes. So now, while starting, we need a different mindset with new modern age thinking. And before that, it is very important to understand that your customers are not here to help or solve your revenue problems. Rather, you are up to give a valuable solution to your customers that helps them solve their problems.

The service descriptions of yours must talk about your services as solutions to your customers’ problems. For example:

“Do you struggle to create a website on the Magento Platform? Our skilled team working through several years can surely solve this problem. Get a quote now!”

See how these above-written lines directly focus on the user? It informs them what they get rather than telling them how cool you are at your services.

b. Concentrate on What the User Gets, Not What You Provide

It is another very important step while marketing. Your customers buy more from you only when you keep telling your readers what they get, how it makes their life better, and how it helps them solve their problem.

It is very common for us to brag about our products/services but very important to know how they are helping the users or customers. So try to know the story of the customers using the services/products you are providing, as this process creates an opportunity to build a relationship with them that you would otherwise miss out.

All you need is to take on the role of the guide as you can lift the customers as heroes. And, they will surely welcome this thought! Because, in this way, they will feel empowered and supported to conquer the problems they’re experiencing. This indicates, the more you engage with, the more you grow your own business.

4. Connect Emotionally

Emotion is the first thing to think about. Connect with your clients/customers emotionally. Yes, to build long-lasting relations with your customers, you need to build an emotional connect.

That does not mean you need to make the personal bond or something with your customers, but this means that you should be professional with them like punctual about the delivery timing, always available for a conversation, keep updating the development state of products, be in the discipline about the entire process, etc.

Well, such parameters make the bond with the client very strong. And, in this way, they stay in contact with you for a longer run. Many companies have some clients like forever. That means companies create such strong bonds with their clients that a one-time customer becomes their client forever.

And, we guess, we all want the same. But this is the challenge now, and to achieve it, you need to connect emotionally with your customers.

5. Show Empathy

Empathy is the second thing you need to care about. Yes, this is equally important, like other steps, because to connect well, you need to make sure that your customers understand that you care.

A very famous quote reads-

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

Similarly, you have to start showing your customers the empathy. Also, ensure that you don’t want the end-user to feel like you’re in a better and bigger situation in comparison than they are, but you want them to feel like,

“Hey, I’m on a level playing field with you. I know exactly what you’re going through. I know how you feel.”

Must say, not just in business, but empathizing works almost everywhere. So, why not use it to win customers.

6. Provide Social Proofs of Your Work

Just imagine if you are hiring an interior designer, but they don’t have any previous work to show, so will you trust them blindly? Similarly, if you want to sell your services or products, you need to make your customers feel like you’ve been there and done that before as well.

For example, you got this email that tries to sell a package not so expensive, of just $25. But the mail reads-

“With only one week’s worth of time, this person made $10,000 and this person made $100,000 and it was really easy and we’ve done 3 million dollars and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

But you also know the reality is different, and it is just all hype. So, don’t repeat such content marketing mistakes and make sure that what people want to know is the basics. Use real people and real success stories to give them testimonials.

When they hear it all from other clients,  then they will believe you instantly. People don’t want to get fooled, so the more you can show successes of other people, the more success you will get.

7. Talk About Sales Technique

Yes, it is very useful to do. The process involves asking some questions, but this is the key to get your users to say “Yes.” And, while you are asking questions, make sure your users say yes. Just ask them the questions that you think they will only say yes to. Because if in any way you get them to say no, it might bring them a negative mindset. So do whatever but get the ‘Yes.’

Wrap-Up Thoughts

So, we have seen almost all the tips and tricks to get the customer in the pocket. It’s difficult to accept, but the sooner you understand that your customers don’t care about your business beyond how it can help them solve a problem and make life better,  the sooner will win them. All you need is to show your customers how much you can help them.

We hope these mentioned points get you inspired to consider how to alter your marketing techniques a little bit to make your customer the hero. We know when you do, you’ll see some great results for sure.
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