XML Consultancy and Training

XML Consultancy, Solutions and Training at Covetus in Dallas, Tx, USA

XML is the engine for the conversion of data into multiple schemes of output. The XML data is a multi-channel entity that can be fixed and elucidated to the devices ranging from hand gripped devices to the complex mainframes. Covetus XML Consultancy radically flip-flops and produces numerous print products into an array of relevant XML based outputs. The niche of our XML services circumscribes XHTML, NIMAS, Kindle, ePUB, IMS CC, XSL-FLO (PDF) and much more.

After the spectral touch of XML to the content the adaptability of content of any kind of platform becomes a cinch affair. The XML is a goody bag which can enhance the reusability of the content. The process of storing and assembling the data actively for publishing on demand and displaying the content in a compelling way or the deployment of content for the usage of apps like CRM where the content is the heart of the applications is all possible at one stop i.e. XML Consultancy firm Covetus – we have services for your XML Problems.

We have extended experience to serve our broad range of XML clients with premium services in the domain. The wizardly XML reaps out the productive data or content and models it into client drawing architecture out of the entire document.

Our XML Consultancy have assisted our clientele to devise their estate content to solutions and wordsmith the content into XML to extract the assets of-

  1. Content may be in any form ranging from printed materials to PDFs we enable you to transfigure your XML schema and we illustrate the norms for the tagging of content. The content can be located easily when eyed by the search engines.
  2. With our XML solutions you can allow the metamorphosis of your content into a multi- implementable form on varied platforms.
  3. With XML the present text can be mapped as XML blueprint for E-books.

Covetus Training on XML, XSLT, XQuery and XSD