XML-RTF Conversion and Data Migration

Being a premier Consulting partner of Altova, Covetus was approached by the firm who specializes in healthcare industry.

Challenge :

The purpose of this project was to insert around 2 million records from legacy database to the new database in the HL7 message format. Along with the migration, the project involved transforming various healthcare records saved in XML format to Rich Text Format. The challenge was to validate and transform the 10 year old healthcare data which can be consumed by the Epic System and can be reused by various downstream systems.

Solution :

With the vast knowledge of healthcare domain Covetus team was quick in understanding the requirements and was able to plan the accurate timeline for the completion of the migration project.
To complete the highly time sensitive project multiple teams were created to work on the different aspects of the migration. The teams were split to work on analyzing the data, HL7 message creation, transforming the XML to RTF using Altova StyleVision, automation & verification of the final message.
The applications error handling capability was used to check for errors if any.

Result :

We were able to successfully migrate the records to the new system and completed the project as per the timeline. This helped the client to use there new application with the legacy data.. The key technologies used for the project were Altova® XML Spy, Altova® StyleVision, XML, XSLT 2.0, XPath, Rich Text Format (RTF), MySQL, .NET Framework 4.5, C#, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.