Record Management for Investment Services, Exception Report- Standard & Poor

Challenge :

Exception reporting is a method for S&P Management, Business Process Management, and compliance personnel to monitor whether required documents have been captured by the system and will answer which are mandatory documents, what documents have been imported and which mandatory documents are missing.

Solution :

The record management team needed help in creating a quick and long term solution for their reporting requirements. We proposed a solution of creating HTML reports using XSLT’s as they can be viewed over any browser and they do not need any third party software (MS Excel, Adobe PDF etc.).

There were 5 business units and company required reports for each unit. The complex XSLT’s we created were common for all the business units, which generated HTML reports pertaining to the Business Unit. It also involved creation of XML schemas for different business units.

Result :

This helped S&P record management team to achieve their purpose of creating reports quickly. The key technologies used for the project were Altova® XML Spy, XSLT2.0, XPath, JavaScript, CSS.