WordPress SEO: Few of the General Mistakes and Tips

When it comes to SEO then WordPress is considered amongst the best content management systems of all. In general, WordPress is source-publishing software or content management system primary for building dynamic websites.

Tens of millions of sites exploit the Content Management System and are powered by the software. However when we talk about WordPress SEO then it indeed doesn’t seems one of its strong suit.

In this article, first we will focus upon WordPress SEO mistakes that you might have been doing, evading which can bestow more traffic to your website or brand.

WordPress SEO Most Frequent Mistakes

There is more probability that you may not have set up your WordPress website appropriately, which may be averting you from getting further traffic from Google.

WordPress SEO Plugin:

Using a WordPress plug-in is very crucial; there are many WordPress Plugins such as WordPress SEO, Inbound Writer, All in one SEO or other plug-ins that could be exploited as an aid for the optimization of your content. This plug-ins analyze content and make sure that it is optimized correctly, it even give the lowdown of the areas that need to be resolved.

Keywords in Page Name:

Having the targeting keywords in the Page name is another trick that Google string along with.

Google Authorship:

Google authorship is a feature that helps in the click through rate of the website. Set up Google authorship in your site or blog by manually linking your authors to their Google+ page.

Indexing of Pages:

Indexing pages is a good option for keeping the website tidy however there are pages that should be avoided from being indexed. The pages that don’t offer any value whilst someone stumbles on them in search results, should not be indexed.

Keywords and Quality of Blog Post:

It always makes a sense in WordPress SEO to think about the keywords and the way they should be ranked, as for valuable keywords one indeed need to have a great content.


Simple WordPress SEO Tips: For High Search Engine Ranking

Here are some constructive WordPress SEO tips for enhanced website traffic.

Optimizing Titles:

Being the overall label for a Page’s content, title tags of WordPress pages plays significant role in a good website SEO. First 60-70 characters of the page title is shown in search results by Google consequently the title should describe the page content and should be accurate. A Page title must incorporate important keywords, and shouldn’t be repeated throughout the website. The length of the title should be between 50-70 characters for best upshots.

Optimizing Descriptions:

The descriptions of the pages are used by Google to be displayed in search results therefore, they need to be accurate, engaging and descriptive.


To link to other people is one way by which you can get more links to your site. Supporting a site would help you out to gain profits as return favors.

Theme optimization:

For backend logic, formatting the DB and demonstrating it rightly in front-end of the website, WordPress theme is responsible. Good practice Search Engine Optimization guidelines include making use of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and analyzing the website source code. A good optimized theme would help the website achieve search engine appreciation.


Writing a good content for a website is always the most crucial step to be get done. The content of the site should be innovative, engaging and targeting.

Social Networks:

Sharing the content on social media and writing WordPress blog post would help reach out a far greater audience.