XML Training

  1. The XML Galaxy
  2. A First Look at XML
  3. Markup Language History
  4. Application of XML
  5. Companion Standards
  6. XML Software
The XML Syntax
  1. A First Look at the XML Syntax
  2. Advanced Topics
  3. Frequently Asked Questions on XML
  4. Four Common Errors
  5. XML Editors.
  6. Three Applications of XML.
XML Schemas
  1. The DTD Syntax
  2. Relationship Between the DTD and the Document
  3. Entities and Notations
  4. Designing DTDs
  1. The Problem Namespaces Solves
  2. URIs
  3. Scoping
  4. Namespaces and DTD
  5. Applications of Namespaces
XSL Transformation
  1. Why Styling?
  2. XSL
  3. Basic XSLT
  4. Supporting a Different Medium
  5. Advanced XSLT
  6. Using XSLT to Extract Information
XSL Formatting Objects and Cascading Style Sheet
  1. Rendering XML Without HTML
  2. The Basics of CSS
  3. Flow Objects and Boxes
  4. CSS Property Values
  5. CSS and XML Editors
  6. XSLFO
The Parser and DOM
  1. What Is a Parser?
  2. The Parser and the Application
  3. Document Object Model
  4. Getting Started with DOM
Alternative API: SAX
  1. Alternative API: SAX
  2. SAX: The Alternative API
  3. SAX Interfaces and Objects
N-Tiered Architecture and XML
  1. What Is an N-Tiered Application?
  2. The XCommerce Application
  3. How XML Helps
  4. XML for the Data Tiers
  5. XML on the Middle Tier
  6. Creating Server-Side Programming Language
Putting It All Together: An e-Commerce Example
  1. Building XCommerce
  2. Encapsulating XML Tools
  3. The Data Tier
  4. Viewer and Editor