We cite customized WordPress sites along with the plugins within the adequate stretch of your valuable time set in the backdrop of ascetic quality assurance. Covetus is a WordPress Development Company that offers various services to increase the productivity and proficiency of all your web development goals. There are several branches of the WordPress CMS Development tree like-

Plugin Development- Navigation with Functionalities

We at Covetus endeavour numerous core services in the domain of WordPress development where building up enhanced plugins is the target with your specific array of needs and essentials.  Covetus possess ability to build up varied customized plugins with multi facet functionalities by alloying App programming interface, add-ons or the external services. You can employ our plugins for your own website or else use it as your commodity for sale.

Zealous maintenance and support vitalizes our WordPress CMS development services.

Customized Theme Development

First impression is the maiden wickets of the match. So an eye soothing website design is the key to rule the heart of your audiences. You don’t need to be in dilemma when it comes to choosing a template or a theme. We will mentor you to choose the ace one as not every same thing fits to every individual. So the specification amalgamated with requirement is the agenda of our .

Building the API

API is an integral part of wonderful web apps. Application Programming Interfaces are the building blocks of integrated web applications. APIs are predominant and efficacious ways to outsource the vital functions which otherwise would be an expensive time consuming affair. Our services take you to a smooth navigational ride with multiple functionalities, leveraging a wonderful browsing experience to the users.

User Experience Design

An amalgam of graphics, relevant text and a functional data architecture fruits into a wonderful streaming user experience. Building an Interface with adept flavour of functionality which is user friendly and that offers appropriate information to the users. Beauty with brains is our elementary concept of WordPress Development Company to develop an interface which has visual appeal along with powerful functionalities. Request us with quote, to change your dream into reality!