Mobile Friendly Website Design

Responsive Web Design - Zoom in Your User Experience

Every day, more and more people use their smart phones, tablets to access content on the web, shop, socialize, and play games. Every individual want convenience, so that they utilize their extra time conducting business on internet, researching about new topics, video uploading and sharing and much more.

So what’s the solution to this??

Everybody has different style and size of Smart phones, iPads with different operating systems running on them. So how much time would it take the website or the page to be downloaded??How can the website fit into your Smartphone that you don’t have to move right or left or either zoom it??

To all these questions we have one solution that is mobile friendly website design. This where a website is designed in containers so that all the content or images in the website scales down to conform and fit onto a small screen size. When you are using your mobile phones you can see the pictures and words without scrolling left or right. So wherever you are the website appears clear and nice

Mobile friendly website design:

The User interface design fundamental which is on the free wheels irrespective of the device and its platform is being employed upon is termed as Responsive Web Design or mobile friendly website design.

Features of mobile friendly website design:

  • It leverages a friction less navigational ride to the users no matter whether it is a PC, smart phone or tablets etc. which is adaptable on multiple widths and resolutions with ease.
  • It is self-automated design architecture which spells the cast of its magic on the users as it fits on every screen size either of the resolution of the device it is being eyed upon.
  • Mobile friendly website design includes site-wide lead generation forms that provide visitors with an outlet for direct contact, increasing potential conversions for your business on every page.
  • Developing for mobile expands your brand and product beyond your website into apps and software programs, as the possibilities have grown with mobile technology in the past few days.

Advantages of a Mobile friendly Website Design:

  1. Pain the town of navigation vertically or horizontally doesn’t matters. Have a happy User Experience as it’s compatible on the every channel and remains unaffected by the browser width.
  2. The need of individual website development for the mobile users is being removed.
  3. A broad line is drawn between the visual design and the content. As mobile friendly website Design works on the frame of CSS media queries so you can choose from the spectrum of content management system of your choice.

Why Covetus Technologies for mobile friendly website design?

We have the expertise to carve out a mobile friendly website design for your website and we can adapt and modify your existing website as well. Isn’t it great? We are geared up with the latest tools and resourceful technologies which magnify the accessibility factor of your website.

The composition of our services encompasses media queries within the backdrop of grid layouts which are highly flexible on any browser size.

Mobile friendly Website Design is a worthwhile investment which will catalyse your business with a steep rise in your business graph. Your clientele or the audiences will enjoy navigating and browsing your site as it sums up the mobility of your website as well. Need help in witching your website to be mobile friendly??We are here to help. Contact us today and request for a quote!