Customize Your Candy With candymixandmatch 23 Nov 2017

Candymixnmatch represents the most exciting candy website with an inventory that features sweet, and tempting praline to the customers. We designed and implemented an exciting strategy to the appearance of the site, now it seamlessly blends with the mobile visibility.

Developed Saas Based Woocommerce Application 08 Nov 2017

We are honored to work with Andres (one of the best Professional Financial Advisor in Mexico). Our expertise allowed broadening Mr. Andres vision for the website, where we successfully integrated Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Application with Word press’s Woocomerce plugins.

Meow Factory Official (Shopify) 10 Oct 2017

We created an e-commerce website in Shopify that highlights the custom design and entertains the audiences with its unique products and accessories for the new generation. Covetus alleviated Shopify in combining their services with responsive design.

Catch Live – Dental Chat App on REACT NATIVE platform 14 Sep 2017

Currently, we are working on the dentist section of ‘dental chat app’. The consolidated version of the app will have functionalities like mobile app sync, chatting and secured login section.

10 Days Celebration on Ganpati 26 Aug 2017

With much enthusiasm and zest, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in Covetus. Following with the traditions, the long 10 day jollification is entertained with daily prayer, activities and programs.

Honored to Have Film Writer/ Director Mr. Dilip Shukla and ‘Pratigya’ fame Mr. Anupam Shyam Ojha Thakur at Covetus 08 Aug 2017

In an enlightening session organized by Managing Director Mr. Rupesh Chhabra, our both the esteemed guests imparted a motivational and insightful session. Sharing their own valuable life experiences, they shed light on how great changes will not come until we persevere the circumstances and make things happen. They also emphasized on how hardest of our life struggles play a key role and shape us into a person we want to become.

Started HR/Payroll CRM. (Laravel) 26 Jul 2017

Our team is working on CRM for HR department to reduce the burden of HR’s with effortless paperwork, managing payroll benefits that leads to improved efficiency etc… i.e we are on the verge of creating a guide for royal and compelling work.

Dental Chat App on REACT NATIVE Platform 15 Jul 2017

Dental Chat is upgraded with premium functionalities including chatting, post details, synchronisation with website and login features for dentist section. The same is under process for the patient’s section

Dental Chat – To Connect Dentist and Patients on a Single Platform (Laravel ) 03 Jul 2017

Connect with the renowned and experienced dentists, budgeting dental practices nearby you through Dental Chat. Covetus nurtured the site with UI revamping and exclusive features, performance fine tuning to increase the traffic on the site.

A Distinct Appearance Of ‘Cosmos Granite & marble’ From .Net To Codeigniter 28 Jun 2017

A stone based business website has successfully revamped from .Net to Codeigniter; the main idea is to rejuvenate the entire layout both in term of functionality and user experience for particular business.

Created Informative (iOS / Android) Mobile Application For Marble & Granite Stock Inventory 15 Jun 2017

Good news for the granite and marble buyers!! We have created an information based mobile application to checkout information of stocks of marble/granite products, and availability for different locations as well.

We started to shaping Online Cake ordering system for Fantasy bakery – Magento 02 Jun 2017

Covetus upgraded Fantasy Bakery website from Prestashop to Magento giving a new and modern look, with more robust and enhanced features. Now, it has been easier to customize Fantasy cake online at your fingertips.

OneBed -A Woo-Commerce based Website Successfully Published & Launched 29 May 2017

Covetus started working on One Bad from 10th November 2016 and successfully delivered the project to the client on 28th May 2017. With our result driven SEO strategy, One Bad is able to increasing its sales with high quality traffic.

We are Growing on MongoDB 15 May 2017

Our MongoDB developers have experience in creating wonderful user interfaces, which leads to the best interactive and dynamic software’s and applications. Let Covetus serve you with a groundbreaking and highly scalable application using MongoDB.

E- Wallet – (iOS Development) 08 May 2017

With a sizeable effort by Covetus team, it has been possible to build a Digital Wallet System that streamlines the facility to earn, pay and store money for its users. This app provides an easy and convenient way to post your local gigs; where one can earn money to complete tasks or gigs.

With many facilities like Wallet to Wallet transfer, this app also incorporates some amazing add-ons and myriads of features…

Added a New Skill Set – Angular JS 19 Apr 2017

We are proudly announcing the launch of our new service – Angular JS Development. At the initial state, we have already served more than 25 clients for the flagship service. With years of experience behind the technology, Covetus have built the complex applications that added new dimensions to these three terms – Advanced Development, User experience and Utilization.

Build an Effective Web and Mobile E-commerce Portal – Elala 13 Apr 2017

The best Indian online shopping destination Elala creates an evolutionary experience for buyers and sellers. Our sole vision is to create the most reliable and well-grounded ecosystem to make customers shopping experiences more delighted.

Created Multi-lingual blog ‘Spacious ‘ Optimized to the Google Insights – WordPress 04 Apr 2017

Covetus created multiple, mobile friendly and multi-lingual blog for a Hong-Kong real estate domain which is completely optimized according to the Google Insights.

An Altered look of ‘Aspen’ from ZenCart to WooCommerce 28 Mar 2017

The site was successfully revamped from ZenCart to WooCommerce giving a new and modern look to fit for every business.

Created a One Stop Destination to Look Out the Nearby Places – Sonic Shopper (WordPress) 15 Mar 2017

Build an affiliate based mobile friendly website that offers the best deals and results to find online for restaurant, banks, bars and cinema halls at one place.

Covetus Created Nollyrank to Get the Latest Reviews and Ratings Online 25 Feb 2017

Design and developed the most authoritative source for reviews and rankings of Nollywood movies to watch online.

Go Paperless with SingleForm and Adopt an Effortless Hiring Process – DotNet,MVC-6, MongoDB 15 Feb 2017

Every complex and complicated details related to hiring and verification process is effortlessly delivered in SingleForm. Single form  is cloud based web application that help to create an excellent custom forms is done to pass round the multiple candidates and authorize person and getting back the electronically signed paper at an ease is successfully finished.

Build an Effective American Classroom Library for Kids – Magento 10 Jan 2017

An e-commerce bookstore that sells fiction and non -fiction book all over the world. It is a website that offers the schools to grab an opportunity to schedule any book fair event. The main purpose of the site is to acknowledge the students with the joy of reading books.

Terratino Real Estate Website Successfully Delivered and Launched – Codeigniter 05 Jan 2017

Covetus started working on Terratino from 5th September 2016 and successfully delivered the project to the client on 5th January 2017. We migrated this website which was built in Expression Engine on to Codeigniter framework.

Created an Excellent Booking System to Meet Stakeholders On Time On Point – GovBrief-WordPress 14 Dec 2016

GovBrief is a professional platform that communicates directly with key stakeholders using an educationally based, platform. We have created a step by step process booking system to schedule a briefing. The same procedure is under process to be done at several sites.

Covetus Developed an iOS / Android Wine Scanning Application for Wine Lovers 29 Nov 2016

Grape – A New Wine Scanning App with photo editing and sharing features makes our developers extremely confident of what they are serving to the client. Our focus helps wine community to share their favorite wine moments with like-minded people. Covetus absolutely focused on making an exceptional and incomparable app that won’t allow you having an experience of bad wine.

Build an Amazing Responsive E-commerce Website – OneBed – WordPress 03 Nov 2016

OneBed Mattress Ecommerce website is created for bringing an explosion in business. The key to automation processes like shipping of products lies in the custom made module that works with multiple region delivery systems. We have helped them to effectively combine entire services with responsive design.

Build an Awesome Platform to Support Street Talent -Laravel 29 Oct 2016

A website that gives an opportunity to every street performer to upload videos for getting likes and donation. The best solution offered by the team is anyone round the world can support the street talents by donating money, sharing and liking the video.

Development of a Software That Deals With Paperless Hiring & Verification Process 11 Sep 2016

We have created this software for every complex and complicated details to supervise the hiring and verification process in any organization. One can create custom forms to distribute to multiple candidates and can get back with the electronically signed paper with full ease.

Additionally, this system can also be used for organizing and entailing the collaborative creation of insurance broker, Insurance Co, Customer & Customer-Employee.

Terratino – Real Estate Website Development and Maintenance 05 Sep 2016

Terratino is based on buy/sell attributes that require a lot of skilled programs in it. We have developed a well planned rich internet application (RIA) Capabilities for this website.

We have added another fuel to this project as several unique modules. This module uses the simple user interface using JS, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, Expression Engine etc.

Near & Deer E-Commerce Site Maintenance 29 Aug 2016

This is what we called the best solution for e-commerce websites. We have veteran executives who have developed the best e-commerce store for our clients. The goal of this e-commerce platform is to sell deer animal heads in all over the world that brings the beauty of wild and majestic animals to your home and add an element of the interest to the walls. Currently, we are working on its maintenance part.

This website is created with  – Magento –CMS, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP etc.

100 Blog Sites For Client Product Marketing 19 Aug 2016

We are committed to our long-term projects and have a wider experience of creating 100 blog sites for a single client.

Joomla Theme Customization And Version Updation 01 Aug 2016

Downey Engineering applies specialized knowledge to a diverse industry group. It works with the clients ranging from entrepreneurial machine builders to the major corporate entities.

Android App – Cheers The App 28 Jul 2016

Cheers The App is an application that allows you to see what is popular nearby you and also who is available to join you at your location. Cheers other users and send messages to entire group of people. Covetus  helped in fixing the errors of this Android app.

Our Innovative Implications For Redesigning On 15 Jul 2016 represents the most exciting industry that provides medical cannabis to the end users. We worked upon this website for the rapid change in the website designing strategy.
We have implemented exciting designing efforts that seamlessly blends its appearance with mobile visibility.

Ecommerce – Survey Hub 12 Jun 2016

E-commerce  – Survey Hub is a surveying portal wherein a registered surveyor can create and publish their surveys, collect responses and analyze for an Ecommerce site.

Risk 360 – Synergistic Solution Technologies, Inc. TX, USA 28 Mar 2016

We are delighted to serve our prestigious client Synergistic Solution Technologies, Inc. from USA with their niche insurance domain product – Risk 360. Our engagement is on a constant basis to enhance the product. We aspire to deliver better and better with each passing day.

Walsh Global Advisory, NY, USA 26 Mar 2016

We have successfully created an automated system to download and insert the data from SEC.GOV  website server for a US based Advisory Firm.

Cut2Shreds Successfully Delivered to the Client 20 Mar 2016

Covetus started working on on 15th Aug’15 and successfully delievered the project to the client on 20th Mar’16 with top star ratings.

SpaOpt Got an Upgrade 19 Mar 2016

SpaOpt got an upgrade, introduced exciting yet productive features for businesses to manage their businesses even smoother like employee accounting, payroll management. Free upgrade for our existing customer base.

Choreseek Successfully Delivered to the Client 05 Mar 2016

Covetus started working on Choreseek on 8 Jan’16 and and successfully delivered the project to the client on 5th Mar’16 with top ratings.

Participated in Smart City Conclave 14 Feb 2016

Participated in ‘Smart City‬ Conclave’ held at Brillant‬ Convocation in Indore, Madhya Pradesh at 12-13 Feb 2016. We want to become an integral part of making Indore, Bhopal‬ and ‪Jabalpur as a smart city. There we introduced some of the few course changing products at event to Honorable Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and got applauding response from the delegates participated in Event. Covetus showcased its product “” a healthcare product and Waste Management “Smart City App” concept.

Started Juriodcs Joomla Project 13 Feb 2016

Started working on a Juriodcs Joomla Project. Here you can create online legal document by just filling few information using the document template. User can choose the appropriate documents template and make them according to their needs and can download easily. The website will be developed in Joomla and we have created the custom document section where admin can create the document easily and publish it on the front end.

Started Simhasth App 01 Feb 2016

Started working on Simhasth App.The app is dedicated to the holy event Simhasth and its citizen to help them to clean Simhasth.

Connect, engage, and get updated with Simhasth cleaning activities using mobile technology. Get instant access and information of Simhasth on your Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.

Covetus Launched 26 Jan 2016 is a web portal that is designed to keep you updated about the current affairs, social awareness and grievance of society.

Enhance Android App Performance for Desired Mobile Devices 20 Jan 2016

Covetus started working on the new mobile app bug fixing project for one of the client, core requirement of the client is to make app more smooth and responsive in all devices and specially for the Samsung Galaxy s6 Device.

Automate Data Download from SEC 12 Jan 2016

Covetus started the work to automate the download of filing from the SEC sever and merging the downloaded data into single DB structure.

Started Choreseek 08 Jan 2016

The goal of the project (Choreseek)is to create a peer to peer job contracting service that will allow people who are seeking to hire the job holders (Seekers) to connect with those who are offering relevant skills (Providers). Also to provide a multi sided platform for the entire process of the transaction to occur.

Covetus Completed EDI Mapping Project 30 Dec 2015

Covetus Successfully Completed EDI 834 Mapping Project for a Health Care Client in Dallas/Forth Worth Area.This Implementation was done using Altova MapForce and SQL Server DB.

Started 21 Dec 2015 Is a portal for everyone who love to explore, express, write and read. It enfolds a mixture of everything right from the serious notes to the silly ones with a voluminous collection of photos, videos and more.

New website for Cabinets Connect 10 Dec 2015

Created a website to display the types of cabinet which can be used to create modular kitchen.

Altova Training Partner 03 Dec 2015

Altova award Covetus with its Member Partner Level in Altova Product Traning.

Altova Software Partner

Altova award Covetus with its Member Partner Level in Altova Product Integration.

Covetus started working on a Claim Administration Software for a US Based Enterprise. 26 Oct 2015

This Enterprise Level Insurance project has its own Framework created in JAVA, The project upgrades requires highly skills, and experienced development on JAVA & UI Developer. The challenge is to manage individual widgets without enter fearing the flow of the application. A robust Java, XML OOPS programming with Bootstrap use in UI is the nascent combination.

Started working on a Yoga Portal –

It is a yoga portal that describes different Yoga poses with videos and other health benefits all at one place. Covetus started working on on 26th October 2015 and we are still working on the same.

Started working on Android App Development 24 Oct 2015

Covetus started working on Android App.

We Started working on iOs App Development

Covetus started working on Hrelate iOs App.

Garagedefilles Successfully Delivered to the Client 01 Oct 2015

Covetus started working on garagedefilles from 2nd September 2015 and successfully delivered the project to the client on 1st October 2015. In the mid of the month we worked on Joomla platform and excellently designed and developed the static pages of the website.

Zonegarage Successfully Delivered to the Client

Covetus started working on on 2nd September 2015 and successfully delivered the project to the client on 1st October 2015 with excellent ratings.

Started working on for iOS 09 Sep 2015

Covetus started working on for iOs (Daily Health Tips in Hindi) from 9th September 2015. The app is being running successfully and we are still working on the same for more updates.

Started working on Android App Development

Covetus started working on for Android (Health Tips in Hindi) on 9th September 2015 and we are still working on the same. was started on 2 Sept 02 Sep 2015

Covetus started working on on 2nd September 2015. We used Joomla technology to design and develop the static pages of the complete website.

Covetus started working on garagedefilles from 2nd Sept2015

Covetus started working on garagedefilles from 2nd September 2015. We will work on Joomla platform to design and develop the static pages of the complete website.

Started Working on 18 Aug 2015

Covetus started a new portal which provides a varied range of certified physicians, therapists, dentists, dermatologists, gynecologists, cardiologists and other doctors, where you not only get the complete desirable treatment but are also served by the superior quality technological and medical resources available in present time.

Started working on Cut2Shred, Dallas, USA 16 Aug 2015

cut2shred – A secure, on-site, mobile document shredding company in Dallas,TX Metroplex Area. successfully completed the first phase 05 Aug 2015

Covetus started working on on 5th August 2015 and successfully completed the first phase. In the first phase we have completed CI framework, property listing (real estate), attorney, builder and broker listing, deal agreement, forum, post requirement, property alert and property comparing. Portal provides the best deals 11 Apr 2015

Covetus created the portal “”, which provide the best, cheapest deals of product/goods from different suppliers.

Covetus launched as a realestate portal 04 Feb 2015

Started working on 18 Oct 2014

Covetus has been working on since 18th October 2014. This health and fitness based website provides you various tips and solutions for your health problems in Hindi. started on 18th Sept 2014 18 Sep 2014

Nyooz Flix is an entertainment based website providing latest Bollywood and TV serial news, gossips. Covetus started working on this project on 18th September 2014 and we are still working on the same.

Covetus has Shifted to its new Premises – Address is very near To you 01 Aug 2014

Indeed, it was the towering day for us. Covetus got a new home at 104 BTC, MG, Road Indore.

Altova Premier Partner 01 Feb 2014

Altova award Covetus with its Premier Partner Level in consultancy.