Microsoft SharePoint Workspace – To Join Your Team’s Forces

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace is a type of document collaboration, which is brought into play by team whose members does not share same network security clearance and are often off-line. To offer easy navigation in working and accessing SharePoint content, SharePoint workspaces are best options to be used. Regardless of the need of being connected to the SharePoint server or working online, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 allows users to access SharePoint content.

All the content that is updated on the server, automatically gets synchronized to the workspace making it trouble-free and straightforward for the user to access the content. At the time, when the user is not connected to the workspace, the changes made by him/her are cached locally and the time when the connection is established to the SharePoint server, all the changes gets automatically synchronized.

Three Types of SharePoint Workspace

  • SharePoint Workspaces
  • Groove Workspaces
  • Shared folders

The foremost one is SharePoint Workspaces, includes only one member i.e. the creator of workspace and generates a copy of SharePoint on the computer, which is synchronized automatically to the server.

Parts of SharePoint Workspace Includes

  • SharePoint lists
  • SharePoint document libraries
  • Selected document library content

Groove workspaces are somewhat similar to that of office Groove 2007 and incorporate an assortment of productivity tools. It often contains two or more members, joined via invitation. Groove workspaces are more apposite for organization and groups that have common functions and objectives, for sharing their works and ideas effortlessly.

In Groove workspace, the content is highly dynamic and thus online members could straight away see updates. Members could send and receive updates as long as they come online and could also work with scores of specialized application tools. Members have the prospect to use real-time chat feature to interact with each other online.

Parts of Groove Workspace

  • Members of the workspace
  • Workspace chat transcript
  • Workspace tools
  • Currently selected workspace tool content
  • An item containing unread or new content
  • The third type, Shared Folder is a type of Groove workspace that provides acquiescence of sharing contents of a folder in Windows file system.


Steps Involved in Creation of a Microsoft SharePoint Workspace

Microsoft SharePoint Workspaces could be created from a SharePoint Workspace Launcher or from a SharePoint site in web browser. However, creating a SharePoint workspace using a sharepoint site followed by synchronizing it with the computer is preferably an undemanding alternative. This way, all supported libraries and lists is downloaded to the SharePoint network. One thing, which should be noted here, is that the content of the document library items gets downloaded only on command.

Steps Involved in Creating a SharePoint Workspace

Go to the SharePoint site in web browser that needs to be synchronized in the SharePoint workspace.

  • Click on SharePoint Workspaces option.
  • Click OK on the Sync to SharePoint Workspace dialog box.
  • This would open a ‘Sync Progress’ dialog box.
  • Click on Open Workspace option after the download.
  • Now, syncing a library or list, create a SharePoint workspace.