Magento SEO – Adorn Your Website and Bait Your Users

In the race of e-commerce platforms Magento is one of the leading platforms which is compatible to the search engine. Magento SEO is a powerful tool to enhance the visibility of your e-commerce site contributing to the ranking of your website. The Search Engine Optimization techniques for Magento directs your potential customers to the web pages they are looking for which could fetch conversion of visitors into your customers.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Right Platform for Your Website

Magento has no much concern of the Content Management System. Ecommerce is the key focus of the Magento. Magento inbuilt CMS is one of the ace approaches for Magento Search Engine Optimization. All you need to do is pour the web pages which are contented with relevant information; known as CMS pages. This strategy will capture the visitor’s attention and serve as a mode of higher engagement of the visitors towards your site.

Following Points Should be Kept in Mind for CMS SEO Optimization

  • The title of the page should be relevant enough so that the visitors could make out that what is the web page about.
  • Not merely the title but the URL key should also be relevant to the content of the web page and yes try to make it short.
  • The heading must be relevant to the title page.
  • Meta description should be added in your to-do-list for Magento SEO.

Significance of Header and Footer in Magento SEO

Header and the footer should be well designed in reference to the webpage in order to engage the users by Magento Search Engine Optimization techniques as mentioned below –

    • The title of the online store must be self -explanatory and suitable enough to your Magento store.
    • The navigation bar of the various sections or categories should be placed in the header section.
    • The visibility of NO-FOLLOW NO-INDEX should be absolutely terminated from the webpage.
    • The Meta description should be set to default to showcase the relevant description about the products and services.


Optimization of the Catalog

The catalog acts as a nucleus in the cell of your eCommerce site. The adept catalog design is directly proportional to the business yield. But it is an essential aspect to implement the Magento SEO factor along with the design which will not only add the visual appeal, but will bring the technical productivity as well. Do remember to stay away from Java script as it’s not that search engine friendly.

  • The catalogue should be simple and descriptive in terms of the content and images in order to avoid messy catalogue.
  • Java script should be avoided as much you can.

Optimization of the Category Page

  • The category page is your first impression on the users. Generally it’s decorative enough but it is necessary to incorporate Magento SEO to raise your business graph.
  • Java script should not be employed for the informative things of your web page as its non- friendly SEO nature may prove a disaster for you.
  • Relevant Meta Description is the breath of your category page. But relevant key words must be embedded in the Meta description as well.

Word of Advice for Magento Search Engine Optimization:

Easy tricks of SEO that should be followed for your Magento store:

  • Sitemap is necessary. Make sure that you have embedded both the sitemaps (XML and HTML)
  • Put some efforts in avoiding flaky navigation.
  • Performance and ranking in SEO goes hand in hand and are proportional to each other. Therefore, using the cache on the production server must be your first choice.
  • If your website is scrapping with any bug, consistent use of webmaster tool can list the number of issues running on your website.