Guerrilla Marketing: Some Crazy Strategies for Businesses

Guerrilla Marketing is generally defined as a marketing strategy or technique that involves economical and eccentric means for drawing attention towards a product, service or idea. However sometimes quirky advertisement techniques used by large businesses and visible brands are also proclaimed as Guerrilla Marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing Stratagems in Today’s Market

Today, activities such as viral marketing campaigns, flash mobs, Digital Marketing and Internet marketing, which are carried out by any organization, group of individuals to popularize an idea or product, falls under the term Guerrilla Marketing.Such activities are usually carried out in public places as streets, malls, parks to attract more and more attention. Such tactics are different from traditional marketing techniques and reach out a broad audience in a comparatively lower budget.

Today innovation and creativity is the basic demand to establish and nurture a business. Guerrilla Marketing is that creative aspect which allows businesses to climb high by promoting the brand or service in a non-tradition manner. These days customers are delimited by advertisements and thus an unorthodox approach is the only alternative to make them heed a product.

The idea instituted from small businesses however today many big brands and companies are taking a step towards guerrilla marketing for anticipated upshots.Here are some unorthodox and creative Guerrilla Marketing ideas that you could implement in your business for towering outcomes.


Most Competent Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Business


Making use of posters and flyers sounds traditional however, adding a nip of creativity could be used to drag a lot of attention of the targeted audiences.The idea is to shock the audiences to make them responsive, you can make use of coupon codes, could go for hand-out flyers or you can add big billboards at your premises, the bigger the better!


As we know that, Guerrilla Marketing is all about reaching out audiences and there is nothing greater than sponsoring event to get your business or brand name out there. Note that you can always be creative with every idea and add your personal touch to accentuate.

Newspaper Advertisements:

Some out of the box ideas blended with conventional marketing techniques can do wonders for your business. Making use of print media would allow you to get across a large number of people.

Give Away:

You can give away some stuff that is associated with you business or brand this would bestow you enough notice and traction that you want.


You can go for billboards and other innovative arts as body art to fly your own kite. Remember that word of mouth is a tried and tested method to gain fame.

Business Cards:

Business cards are considered as a necessity; you can add a groundbreaking touch to this basic element and could floodlight your services.

Going Social:

You can even join social networking platforms or forums to interact and intermingle with you targeted audiences. You can even create a social community to aim your targeted market.

Contests and Parties:

Throwing parties and arranging contests could also facilitate taking the business to come in view of many. Entertainment is much acclaimed way to gather masses and you could use the trick in an unconventional to promote your business.

Remember that Guerrilla Marketing is all about shocking the audiences and giving prominence to your business, so be creative to take your business to a notch higher.