Zone Garage

Project: Joomla Version Upgrade


“Zone Garage” is a concrete floor manufacturing and designing website that is being built up in Multilanguage for USA and Canada in Joomla1.7 version. There is another inherited website related to this named as “Garage de Filles” which is basically a French version of the website. Admin can add custom HTML text and images from backend. It also had a number of paid extensions modified according to their requirement in terms of designing and functionality which included, Map Locator, Sef , Gallery, Language converter. All these extensions should be made compatible with current Joomla version along with a responsive design based on the theme.


We have created the website in Joomla3.3.6 version by managing the theme contents along with responsive designing. Integrated full site content for Multilanguage as it was the main requirement. Customized designs of ChronoForms and maintained its functionality with dynamic contact from backend. Integrating customized store locator map over site and managing search engine friendly Urls. The inherited French version had different gallery to show most recent image in 1st main box and continued for remaining. Since theme had no option, a custom module was created to meet the requirement. The complete content was made responsive for all screen sizes.


They are very happy with the efforts and the site is current running successfully and generating the revenue for the company. The key technologies used for the project were Joomla v3.3.6, MySQL, Google Maps, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX.