Reny Company

Project: Amendments in the existing system


The Client has existing system which reads the specific file format from a specific location and then the data is inserted into the database which is further used by the client to generate the reports. But, some amount of data is not populating as expected and they want us to add more fields into the existing system. Also, they want us to duplicate the system for another custom file format.


As, the client already had a system which perform the conversion task from files to the database; our first task is to understand this system so that we can fulfill the requirements. The system was built to run as a console and as a desktop application. There are a few classes which perform the conversion. We split this into 2 phases, first to incorporate the corrections to the system and then duplicating system for the new format. We have completed both the phases well before the deadlines set by client.


The client is pleased with the work, efforts and commitments put by us in altering the system to incorporate new file format and the corrections. The key technologies used for the project were .NET Framework 3.5, C#, MS SQL SERVER 2008.