Project: Ecommerce Website


The Client has a warehouse and the retail shops from where they sell their products. Now they need a platform from where they can make an online presence.
They also need to manage the current and on-hold inventory in the store and provide the affiliation to the other sellers, inviting friends and to provide the offers to users.


Keeping client’s need in mind, we have designed and developed an ecommerce website named as “Figolino”. This website is to help the client in creating its online presence which includes a wide range of products for personal care, beauty and cosmetic from different brands. The complete website can be managed from the administrator panel, which has a capability to change the content of the static pages as well as the inventory which is divided as in house and on hold. This was included in Phase 1 and it has been successfully delivered to the client and now we have started working on the Phase 2 which will enable the client to provide affiliates to the other resellers. In this phase we are also creating a section that will allow the users to invite their friend to our website and for every successful referral they will get rewards which can be used while placing the orders. User will also have a section from where they can use the coupons provided by the seller.


The client is pleased with the work and efforts put in creating the Website. The key technologies used for the project were .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET(C#), MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX.