Bayco Products

Project: Lighting Systems Portal


The Client wanted to complete the project within 2 weeks of time with a CMS so that they can change the content in future and add new product by their own.

Solution: understands the requirement of the client and suggested to go for a Joomla CMS. We told them the benefits of using Joomla as a CMS after understanding the requirements. The client wants to show all products and his upcoming products with a good looking website as their products are user friendly.


Today, Bayco products is extremely happy with the steps taken by the Covetus team paid off well. The CMS suggestion given by us is paying them off as they are easily able to add new product at the same time the look & feel of the website is extremely professional. The key technologies used for the project were Joomla v2.5, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, AJAX.