Drupal SEO: 6 Ways to Optimize the Site Ranking Of Your Website

Drupal SEO: 6 Ways to Optimize the Site Ranking Of Your Website
Drupal offers an array of modules that are developed by well-experienced web developers to increase the web visibility of your Drupal website. However, the content of the website is the predominant factor for driving up your site’s ranking, but still, these Drupal SEO elements further boost your ranking.

Multiple Components of Drupal SEO

1. SEO Index

SEO checklist is a vital component for Drupal beginners. This Drupal SEO module facilitates you in keeping the track of every SEO countermeasure to enhance the SEO functionalities of your website. This aspect helps the newbies who are yet to dive into the ocean of Drupal with technical knowledge.

2. Pathauto

Another crucial section of the Drupal framework is Pathauto. It automates the generation of URL pseudonyms for various categories of relevant content without manual interference. The token module is the driving force behind Pathauto. By using a pattern methodology that is based upon the Token module, this Drupal SEO segment is able to yield URL aliases for every type of content. Moreover, it also serves this language by catering to several admin options that facilitate the customization of URLs by varying the pattern system.

3. Meta Tags or Node words

Embedding the Meta tag relevant to the node or panel page is a task of a single jiffy by the Meta Tags component of Drupal SEO. A meta tag is an optimal way to put your website into the limelight of search engines. Apart from this feature, showcase your Meta content when seen through the prism of the search engines. This module does it automatically, and you don’t need to worry about your Meta content.

4. Search 404

The Drupal SEO is geared up with the Search 404 module, which takes the place of standard 404 page not found error web pages by generating the respective web page based upon the entered keywords by the users. It reinforces your site ranking as well as business graph as it provides easy access to the data which the users are looking for. Search 404 also plays the role of search engine keywords detector and refines the regular expression filtering process from the URL.

5. The XML Sitemap

This particular capsule of Drupal SEO out turns an XML sitemap which ensures the sitemaps.org specification. Crawling on the web page is now easy and more fun now with this SEO technique. It smoothens the crawling and indexing processes which lead you to the summit of search engine page ranking in reference to the relating keywords. This SEO feature reduces the task of submitting sitemaps to the search engine as it automatically does so.

6. Global Redirection

Drupal enables the URL pseudonyms according to the web pages of your website. However, the old route to the webpages will not be delivered which implies the presence of two different URL redirecting the same web page. This Drupal SEO module is favorable for you as the search engine may host the plagiarized content in case it is found. The Global redirect protects your site from being sandboxed by leveraging a protective shield in case of occurrence of duplicate content by redirecting the users to all the URLs present before directing them to the specific web page.
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