10 Crucial Factors to Consider to Make Your Mobile Application Secure

10 Crucial Factors to Consider to Make Your Mobile Application Secure
Today, every other person has a smartphone. This has shown a drastic increase in the use of mobile applications. Also, exponential growth is seen in the demand of inter-connected mobile devices across the world. In a study, it is revealed that the total browsing time per month is higher on smartphones in comparison to a tablet or desktop/laptop. 

The increasing demand for smartphones is beneficial for those who are app developers and entrepreneurs. However, at the same time, they are responsible for application security. Mobile application security has become a crucial part of any industry to make its brand name. As businesses are increasingly going online, securing user’s data and privacy has become a priority of brands. 

Earlier, several organizations use a traditional approach and depend on documentation for further procedures. But now, with mobility solutions, organizations have launched BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) where everyone could access data and work through their tabs and smartphones. So, if you are looking to hire a mobile application developer, be it an iOS or Android, then make sure that he knows how to keep the app secure while delivering the best user experience. 

When you build a mobile app, along with flexibility and better user experience, security should not be overlooked. Also, if you are a beginner and planning to develop a mobile app, then these popular open-source mobile app platforms could help you in delivering the best apps. At the same time, creating apps that are secure plus innovative is a must. A few countermeasures should be considered before making an application. It is recommended to train the app developers about secure development and to check the regular installation of updates and errors.  

You would be shocked to know- according to a study, nearly 16 million smartphones and applications get hacked annually. Therefore, mobile app security is something everyone should look forward to. But how could you secure users’ information from data breaches? Is there any way or possibility a mobile application development company could opt to minimize the theft? Let us read a few tips on how organizations should secure mobile apps. 

1. Optimize Security Features on Different Platforms

Mobile apps work on several platforms, networks, and operating devices. The mobile app developers should focus on the limitations, features, and capabilities of everything. 

They should optimize and modify the security-based platforms to create a safe and secure app. Also, if you are a mobile app developer, then you should know the importance of users’ confidential data. 

2. Choose Limited Third-Party Libraries

Third-party libraries are popular amongst mobile developers. They use different codes embedded in the libraries to create a mobile application. But sometimes, access to third party libraries could be dangerous. 

It gives access to the internet and keeps a check on your location, phone identity, and personal information. While using third-party is beneficial, it has certain limitations too. So, make sure you choose third-party libraries wisely.

3. Make a Secure Connection With the Backend

Proper security measures should be used to provide access to several features. When you download the library from any third party, then chances are you might carry risk with them. Also, make sure that the communications and messages should be done over a secure HTTPS connection using the URL connectional class. 

This allows the development company to be secured against any of the attacks. Security of the backend plays a crucial role while developing a mobile app. Hackers could gain access to the backend systems that might threaten your whole operation. So, make sure that you use a suitable and reliable backend. 

4. Encode all the Necessary Credentials

It is essential to restrict access to applications by creating a gateway as a security audit. This makes hackers difficult to steal any data and to misuse it. Also, for any organization, it is recommended to use passwords for accessing the data. 

Some data that your application handles might be unsafe for security reasons. For instance, user names, passwords, and other credentials could be exposed to security threats. But by using encryption, data could be saved. 

To ensure this, you can opt for HTTPS and go for a digital certificate. Also, it should note that the certificate should be checked properly and regularly. Every developer should use the latest security services available.  

5. Secure Data on Device

It is known that data could be recovered if lost. However, organizations should understand that it could be a potential risk. Therefore, they should use proven encryption methods such as Advanced Encryption key-algorithm standards to store data on different sources. 

It is advised for the mobile application developer to consider encryption key management while developing apps. 

6. Go for Feasible Security Solution 

Not every developer knows that the security checklist for different apps is different. While some apps are less secure, others are extremely secure and easily manageable. So, before you create an app, figure out the securities and solution for multiple applications. 

For instance, a calendar app doesn’t need strict security measures; whereas, a banking application needs more safeguards in comparison to other apps. 

7. Use Authorized APIs

This is the most important point every mobile app developer should consider while developing any application. APIs that are not authorized could easily grant access to hackers. Manage APIs with rules. Specify the conditions on which actions could be taken to give you precise control over APIs. 

8. Hire a Security Team

If you are developing a mobile app for the first time, then you should hire a security team. It is a great idea to hire the team from the beginning; plan for the security measures you would take to secure an app. 

Also, next time, when you are about to change the features, then consult the security team. Don’t forget to make alternative plans if your first plan didn’t go as per requirements. 

9. Test and Test Again

Developers work on code and do not focus on testing. It is a QA team that plays a crucial role in any development. Therefore, the QA team focuses on security and creates an amazing application. It is recommended that they should review the code frequently and identify errors (if any.) 

Also, to know if an application is delivering a great user experience, the QA team should launch a beta version first. The application should be affordable and have a low maintenance cost if it is paid. It should not produce errors, as this could waste a lot of money. Plus, if errors are found, they should be corrected soon. 

10. Create a Hack-Proof Architecture for Application

Creating a hack-proof architecture is a must. The user data should be designed in a way that stores user’s data directly on a device. Make sure that you do not save non-essential identity on the app and also not store any banking information on the device. 

Mistakes to Avoid If You Are Developing an Application 

A Mobile development company should use appropriate testing methods to check if the application is secure or not. Also, application developers should consider these factors before building an application. Sometimes, developers add unnecessary features on the app, making it not useful for users. 

Furthermore, developers launch the application at multiple platforms at the same time. Instead, they should focus on targeting a single platform at first. Here are other common mistakes that mobile application developers should avoid

Another reason why a mobile application fails to grow in the market is the organization fails to understand the target audience. The application sometimes couldn't solve the real-world problem and make it too complex for the users. 

Ways How Hackers Could Access User’s Credentials

Some of the common ways hackers could access user’s credentials are through linked accounts, third party applications, share buttons on social networks, and utility apps that have unnecessary access. Once this data is accessible to hackers, then it becomes riskier to the user. So, make sure that you download secure mobile applications. 

Final Words

Due to several technologies launching every day, it has become easier for app developers to make apps with advanced features. Today, people use smartphones to carry daily activities, like banking, social networking, and more. 

Also, smartphones have become the target of criminals to fetch users’ data and confidential information. Therefore, organizations developing mobile applications should understand the need for app security and tips to protect the user’s data. 

If you are an app developer or looking for the best developers around, then remember that even after the application is released, app security is always the concern. 

At Covetus, we have a team of experts who focus on delivering the best user experience. We use advanced tools and technologies to build mobile applications. Plus, we use the best mobile app security practices and test the app to make sure that it not only delivers engaging but safe user experience also. 
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