Common Myths About Web Development – A Confute

Internet applications, websites, e-commerce and networking services are frequent requisites that we hear every now and then. With the escalating digitization, these terms have become more familiar to us. Whole of these pursuits fall under one extensive term, Web Development. Ranging from the development of simplest page bearing plain text to designing the aforesaid activities,

Using XSLT Variable – Modern and Efficient Programming Techniques

XSL means ‘EXtensible Stylesheet Language’ which is a language used in expressing the stylesheets. An XSL sheet is like a file location that describes how to display an XML Document of any particular type. And on the other hand XSLT is a language that is used to convert the XML document into another XML document

Magento CMS: Best Suited for Your Business Requirements

Magento CMS (Content Management System) is an open source platform written in PHP. It’s a creation of Varian; a fast growing ecommerce script that uses Zend PHP and MySQL databases. This features affluent platform gives the online merchants the power to control the appearance, content and functionality of the site also. Coming with a very

Pros and Cons of IT Staff Augmentation And Outsourcing

What is Staff Augmentation? After evaluating the current staff, a company identifies which additional skills would be required in order to carry out a project. Through Staff Augmentation companies temporally appoint man power to fill in the required lacking skills. This procedure lessens the tension and burden of hiring new permanent employees. Identification of IT

Know the Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business

Digital marketing has changed the way people use to see the business and have given a new meaning to the world of trade. No matter what business you are into, what service you offer or what products you sell, you have to know the importance of digital marketing. People always look for companies that are

Creative Web Design: A Way to Achieve More Success

Choosing methods that are unique and different always turn out to be profitable for the businesses. If one wants to achieve success in online business than working in a different way from others or adopting out of the box methods is one the greatest way to do this. Opting for Creative web design for your