Android Application Development and Foremost Steps Required

Android is a most budding and arch platform in today’s market. Android is basically an open source operating system which today covers a vast market of 190 countries. Despite of the presence of other operating systems as Windows OS, Blackberry OS and many more, Android still holds the position of preeminent and the most growing one. One of the noteworthy facades that makes Android Development touch the highest niche, is the competence bestowed upon the end users for holding the right to install, develop and own application of one’s interest.

Android Application Development is an extensive milieu that covers creation of new application for the android framework. Applications under android operating system are developed in Java programming language using SDK (Software Development Kit). The prospect to distribute that developed games and application via an open marketplace is another facade that broadens the potential of the escalation of android spectrum.

Android hardware is indisputably a win for developers, as it consent them to write applications devoid of the hindrance of any artificial barriers. The only account on which android competes and wins over Windows mobiles and iPhones is that it is built on open source Linux kernel, unlike the other which are built on proprietary operating systems restricting third party apps. Android’s open development environment offers access to all the applications, opening new possibilities for Mobile Applications.

There are a series of tools and software for competent Android development of apps. Android developer tools encompasses everything for the need of developing an app, commencing form Java IDE, debugging, advanced featured of developing as well as packing android apps. Android development or creation of virtual devices could be handily done using the IDE.

Here is an overview of the android app development process that has taken the whole mobile world at storm.

Elementary Steps Involved in Android Application Development

Visualization of the Concept:

The first and foremost step in Android Application Development is visualization or conceptualization. So as to create an app, one needs to amass all the ideas and objectives as well as functionalities embraced in the yet to be developed app.

Preparing Blueprint:

The other step involves creating a blue print of the structure of the app. Commencing from the platform, feasibility, specifications as well as features everything requires to be ensured prior for ease.



Here comes the mobile interface design in android application development, this step involves defining the application. Considering all the parameters such as design concept, timeline, budget and functionally comes under this segment.

The Development Process:

The most important process of Android Development incepts with designing UI followed with coding. Other noteworthy facets that need to be taken care of during the development include database, navigation, list view and use of intents.


Testing is all about keeping account of the application’s functionality via the android app development process

Market Introduction of the App:

After having done with all the steps involved in Android development, there comes the submission of the app in android market, for which one needs to create a developer’s account. This account gives access to include every bit of information about the app such as its pricing, before launching it into the market to be downloaded by the end users.


The final stage of the Android Application Development process involves the promotion of developed app in android the market. Merely an effective marketing strategy could bestow worth to the app in any user’s phone. Social networking platforms arrive as the finest help for the promotion of the application at this point.