Altova Premier Consulting Partner

Covetus is official Altova Premier Consulting partner.  For over a decade Covetus have been using Altova products in providing XML solutions to various fortune 500 clients. Covetus has partnered with Altova in 2011 and has provided consulting services to various domains such as financial, healthcare, educational, retail and travel industry.

We are also Altova Training Partner & Altova Software Partner

Following are few clients where Covetus has provided consulting.


Standard & Poor’s

Our consultants helped in generation of the reporting tool which captured the data and generate the reports as requested by the user. The team worked on highly complex transformation system using XSLT’s and XQuery and transformed the raw XML data into the desired output.



Covetus consultants worked on highly technical projects to create integrated front end, multi-channel sales and marketing solution. Project involved creating of complex XML schema’s and correctly mapping and transforming the data from one system to another.



Covetus helped the Harvard team in creating a mining software tool that helped in creating profile for people and also illustrated how each person is connected to other. It involved creating XML Schemas and various XSL modules.



Covetus consultants worked on various projects with the Kroger Company. Covetus team aggressively worked on successfully delivering the projects on time. The projects at Kroger used various Altova tools such as XML Spy, Map Force, Style Vision, Database Spy and Schema .


Delta/Northwest Airlines

Covetus consultants designed and developed compliant solution for aircraft documentation. Project involved development of a content creation and delivery system for Flight Crew, tasks cards, structured manuals, unstructured manuals as well as extended functionality for engineering projects. Our consultants extensively worked on XSL, XSL-FO, XML Schema, FrameMaker, Syntext Serna, X-Hive Docato, X-Hive/DB.


Great American Insurance Group

Our team worked on design and development of solution for maintenance of XML files for various Insurance Policies (Auto, Home, Property etc). Our team worked on creation of the various XSL adaptors for processing Canonical message to get the refined XML and creation and modification of XML Schemas as per the requirement. We also worked on analysis of requirements provided by business and identify that information in the source XML and create the XSLT which transformed them into output XML.

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